50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

50 Disturbing Messages Real People Have Received In Letters And Texts

These are the creepiest texts, emails, and phone calls people from Ask Reddit have ever received.

1. My dad’s ex kept sending me letters asking me to to let her exhume my paternal grandparents’ graves because she believed they cursed her.

She got an FB account and kept sending me long messages and once offered to let me sleep with her if I told her where their graves were. When I kept refusing she threatened to call the police on me.

I just called an uncle of mine who was a police officer and told him everything. My Dad knew she was off-kilter and my uncle had me ignore her, block her, but keep the messages as evidence.

Stopped hearing from her after that.

She was put in prison a year later for a different crime.

2. At about 11pm, a family friend texts me this: (as accurately as I remember)

“Look, I thought I could do it. I can’t. It’s been six months since it happened and nobody even cares anymore. He’s just a kid. I do not want to be any further involved, ask someone else.”

About 30 seconds later, “Oh, sorry, that was just a mistake. I meant to send that to my brother, we’re just messing around.”

3. This happened when I was around 16 or 17. I was on a bus and in my school’s sport uniform. Then I got a text from an unsaved number asking “are you not cold in those thin clothes?” (It was a chill morning)

So looked around inside the bus immediately and got another text: “stop looking you’re not going to find me.”

4. On Tinder, from someone less than a kilometer away, whilst I was living away from home and walking around a lot from the library to my house alone: “I’ve got a knife and a penis, and one of them is going inside you tonight.”

5. One of my neighbors messaged me asking if I had recently been on the elevator. Because he could smell it. Said I was clearly ovulating, very fertile, and that triggered his male senses.

There’s like 60 apartments in my building. But he was right. Creeped me out.

6. A dude chose to open a conversation by declaring “I have beautiful eyes”.

He also included a picture.

It wasn’t of his eyes.

7. Hoping it was just someone fucking with me. Note dropped in my locker in 10th grade with a pretty simple, quite creepy poem.

It read:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

If you ever feel alone,

I’m always watching you :)

8. I once received a text that said, “I cannot wait to make love to your rotting, beautiful corpse.” I’m unsure of who sent it, if it was meant for me, or if it was a distasteful prank text from someone I knew — but it certainly sent chills down my spine.

9. I got a text from a wrong number and all it said was, “he won’t be bothering you anymore, I took care of it”

10. Last year I was idly wasting away my afternoon when I got a message notification on Facebook. I opened it up and it was a 20 year old guy saying “Are you (my full legal name)?” No one really knows my full name, so I figured this kid knew me. I opened up his page and he lives halfway across the States from me, we have no mutual friends, and, as far as I can tell, we would have had no way to ever meet. I respond, “Yeah?” to which he responds, “I am going to fucking murder you. ”

I am 27 years old and not terribly paranoid, but this shook me to my very core. As far as I know, I still have him blocked on Messenger.

11. A random number send me a long sms in which he argue that I shouldn’t be fucking truck drivers for cheap money while I can hook up with him and his rich friends for much more money. I replied that I am a guy and he probably has the wrong number, to which he replied that he knew who am I and gave me my university dorm address. I blocked him instantly but it creeped me so much then. It may be a prank but it didn’t sound like one, and I was an international student there so I didn’t really have friends who would prank me like this.

12. A guy was writing me on Grindr. I wasn’t interested, so I said I wasn’t interested. He keeps persisting that we should meet tonight. I was like w/e, stopped responding. Then he said he would take his car to come find me. When i refreshed the app I saw the distance drop from 3000m to 200m. He was like “I’m close now”. Then I blocked him, turned off all lights in my apartment (I live on the 1st floor). Now I’m careful to have distance showing on dating apps…

13. My friend died in February of 2008. Two weeks after his funeral, I had a voicemail but no missed call. I listened to it and it was my friend who just passed. His message said, “heeeyyy call me back biotch let’s hang!”

Creeped me the fuck out. Called the phone company and thet only explanation they could give me was that his phone must have died in the middle of the voicemail sending and it must have finished when his family charged his phone and turned it back on.

Still creeps me out to this day.

14. Few years ago when I was still in high school, I had finished class and got off the bus in the city and began walking home. About half way this random lady out of nowhere stopped me and said “you will lose your first two seeds to the earth”. I brushed it off and thought nothing of it. And never again did I ever see this woman or think of it again. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago: I miscarried my first pregnancy, and they were twins.

15. Guy who was my lab partner in high school wrote me a note (complete with picture) that said, “I will kill you and make a sofa out of your skin.” With no context. I still have the note.

A few years later he murdered a coworker over a computer.

16. My Mum got a phone call at about 2am one morning. The man on the phone said “Mrs _______ we’ve just arrested your son. He’s a sick bastard and he’s going to pay. We have sent people to your other son’s apartment now. Don’t expect to ever see them again, they will pay for their crimes”

She called me frantic wanting to check I was safe and then told me that the two nights previous, at around the same time, she had had similar calls threatening to come after my brother and I.

17. I was driving and my phone went off. I don’t answer while driving, it went to voice mail. I got home and listened to the message. It was a woman in a heavy accent begging for (unintelligible name) to help her. She was pleading into my voicemail, saying it wasn’t long now and to please hurry. The voice faded away almost like they slowly pulled the phone away from their head, and the line went dead. I called the number back, I was almost panicking with confusion over what was going on, but it was no longer in service.

Kept me up for days.

18. Oh, I have a real one. I stopped dating a guy and eventually stopped replying to him after he got creepy. Weeks later he sent me a picture of mutilated male genitals and a messages along the lines of “will you reply to me now?”

19. Someone posted a post card through our door without a stamp on it and said “we are watching you” with a drawn smiley face.

It was addressed to me and had our address written on it.

Creepy indeed.

20. This might have been spam but I got a voicemail about a month ago from a local prison asking if I can accept a call from an inmate.

I don’t know who the fuck had my number that thought I would bail them out of jail. I think they called me again a few minutes later. Pretty unsettling.

21. “THAT’S the girl? She’s not that pretty!” or something like that.

From my ex. A while after we split. In my home at night. At an angle you could only see if you were on my “balcony” (first floor so more like patio, but the look/feel was more balcony-like). I got up to turn around and heard a bang and a scurry as I’m assuming she fled into the night.

Oh, and she lived about 2 and a half hours away. Yea

22. I once received a message from a random number saying “How’s your show?”

I was in fact watching TV but I just deleted it and kept on with my night. I got a text again around 10 minutes later saying “Please don’t ignore me, ignoring me makes me very angry.”

I started to get kind of freaked out and then I get the last text. It says “I’ll always be watching, look outside.”

And from across the street a light comes on in an upstairs window and i see a vague silhouette of someone waving. Long story short, this guy wasn’t even living in that house, and after I called the police I filed a restraining order and haven’t seen the guy since.

23. 2am Christmas morning a text from a number I didn’t know just saying ‘help me’. Rang it back in case it was a friend with a new number to no answer. Texted back saying who is this? And never got a response.

24. “My death will be on your hands. Maybe I’ll take you with me.”

25. I run a gift card business that is specifically destined to be in my small country. I make the card, we plan on a meetup, I give them the card, I get paid, we go our separate ways.

I got a message from a guy, wanting a card for a friend’s birthday. All fine, I made the card, and we met up. I got my money, and we left. A week later, I got a text from him. Thinking it might be a thank you, or a review, as I often get those, I checked it, but it just said: “I like your shirt.”

This got me a little suspicious, as I was wearing my favourite shirt that had a transformers logo on it, so I just replied with a “Thanks”, and moved on. Then I got a message almost immediately after I put it down, saying, “I like transformers too.”

I immediately got paranoid and moved away from where I was sitting. I then replied with a warning that I will call the police on him, and that I had his number, and that I still remembered what he looked like. He backed off after that.

My business is still running, but I’m much more careful now.

26. I received a recycled number and the previous owner had used it everywhere from his bank to shopping websites so I used to get a lot of spam. I even tried to explain to the bank when they called regarding the account. One day someone added me on Snapchat through my phone number and upon seeing my Snapchat story, a 35 year old woman replied to my story of watching Star wars by saying, “I attended your funeral.”

27. I used to get calls from a random number and the person would leave voice mails: “Hi (my name) I’m gonna find you, you have to talk to me.” I never found out who it was and I did not recognize the voice. It was creepy.

28. A few weeks after moving to a new city I got a phone call from a women I didn’t know telling me that two guys I had never heard of were very pissed because I had interfered with their business and I should better watch my back. It seemed moderately absurd but didn’t sound like a prank call either.

So I watched my back for a while but nothing ever happened.

29. Got a message from a man on linked in asking if he could borrow a black leather mini skirt – I was currently wearing a black leather mini skirt.

30. Was playing some CS:GO. Teammate started out really nice at the start of the game. We started losing and he got really really toxic. I told him to calm down or something like that and he said “I will fucking kill you in real life.” After the game he sent me a friend request. I accepted expecting him to do some trash talking and call me shit. Instead he sent me my Address, My dad’s full name and my phone number. Being 16, I was terrified.

31. Coordinates and the words “it’s here. come find it” I looked it up on google maps. It was a lot way the hell north of the city. Needless to say I never found out what “it” was.

32. Not really a message but freaked me out.

My friend passed away, it was early Facebook days, I had requested him on Facebook before I knew he was sick. He subsequently passed before accepting. 10 years later to the day that he passed away earlier this year, the request was accepted. We were close, and I was having a tough time in life. So weird.

33. “I’m going to kill myself, I love you.” He did.

34. Literally yesterday I wanted to create Instagram account and I saw that my email is already taken. I reset the password, login and find an empty profile. Few seconds after that I got a message from a friend I haven’t spoken in a while just saying: “Wanna learn how to hack?” I’m still scared.

35. I had a stalker a couple of years back. He sent me a long detail text about how he would keep me in a cage and treat me/take care of me like I was a squirrel.

36. Not a message but phone call, (it was in Chinese so this is a broken translation). It went: Dad save me. Come save me please. This repeated a couple of times. Before I ended the call.

37. Text message from my stalker:

“I didn’t know your store was open today”

It was Dec. 26. Most of the stores in the mall where I work were closed due to extended holiday for employees.

That was the first time I realized my stalker knew where I worked and that he was there on that day just walking by the store.

38. Someone called at 2am in the morning while I was stationed in a site up in the mountains. Sounded like my dad and all he said was “I love you I love you”. I thought that it was impossible since dad was in the hospital and unconscious. Then at 3am my brother calls crying telling me he had to make the call for the doctors to stop resuscitating dad. Dad passed away then.

Not really creepy. Just sad.

39. My pastor always gave me and my little sister the creeps. Everyone else thought he was the greatest, sweetest man. I saw straight through his act and stayed away. One day he text me out of the blue saying my mom told him I needed a new dryer. He told me he had one for me and was on his way to bring it by. (I personally never gave him my address but figured maybe my mom gave it to him) a few hours after he dropped off the dryer and left, he text me asking if I had the chance to use the dryer, did it work ok, etc.  I told him it worked great and thanked him. To which he replied, “Don’t forget to check under your bed tonight.” I asked why and he said, “To make sure I’m not under there.” …WHAT!?

I promptly told my boyfriend and blocked his number. Eventually I told my mom…then she told the deacons at church and next thing ya know, the pastor and his family are moving out of state… fucking weird man.

40. It was a couple years ago when i was still a curious teenager, just doing normal teenager stuff like watching some porno online, the usual stuff. Suddenly the black command prompt-esque window opened and in it was written “don’t watch porn all the time.”

The worst part is that I wrote in the on the cmd thing “wowowowowowo” (I know, I’m an intellect) and pressed enter. Immediately another message pops up in the window saying “What wowowowowowo?” “This is your last warning or I will make you regret.”

Till this day I don’t know who sent me the message but i suspect it was my isp. I should probably use a vpn.

41. I was at a camping ground and I was just kind of sitting in my tent and iOS has technology called airdrop which allows other iOS devices to send photos, videos and files across from each other, I’m just watching YouTube and next minute I receive this message that says,

Suzy’s iPhone wants to send you an image and I’m not even joking, the image was a creepy picture and it has the caption “I watch you in your sleep” and this was during the night.

I was gonna press accept but the person canceled the request before I could press it.

42. A picture that was of me drunk walking home from an unknown number.

43. “Turn around, I’m at the end of the street.”

A text from a guy who was interested in me. I was walking home from work and he’d asked if I was home yet. I said no so he drove my walk home and then text me when he saw me. I was so creeped out.

I refused a lift to his surprise.

44. My wife posted this story on r/paranormal. This happened in 2012-2013 when we were living in an apartment in the city. My wife and I were out shopping one day when I noticed I had a missed call. Checked to see who from and it was from our land-line.. We didn’t live with anyone else and my phone was brand new so no one even had my new number yet either. I had a voicemail so we checked that. It was just the phone hanging up. Quiet and then the dead tone. Very weird and creepy.

45. Had a stalker. She used to call at weird times at night if I answered she would say nothing if I let it go to voicemail she would leave nonsensical messages. And yes I changed my number 3 times she always tracked it down in the end I had to swear people never to give out my number to anyone.

But yeah hadn’t had any contact with her for a week or two and then at 3 or 4 am on a Friday night my phone rings and I just assume it’s her and ignore it but I check once it stops ringing and see my brothers number and see that a voice mail has been left so I immediately listen because fuck it must be something serious.

So I call my brother back but it goes straight to voicemail. So I check my voicemail.

“One new voicemail” I listened. silence then 30 seconds in a voice It wasn’t his, it was a woman. “I have just slept with your brother…………… How does that make you feel?” “End of Message”.

I know who’s voice it is. I call my brother, straight to voice mail, i try again, nothing , I try his house mates, it rings out. Fuck I even try stalker no answer.

I end up heading straight to my brother’s house with a mind full of mcarb images (stalker had beaten up a female friend if mine) . Get to my brother ring the door bell, begin banging on the door, the scenes in my head becoming more gruesome, I am panicking, I need to get into his house, no I am getting into his house. Then I hear it my brother voice as he shouts some foul language at me for waking him. Best sound I ever heard.

Explain to him what’s going on, ask about stalker ask if she still here, but she was gone when he woke up.

On further investigation we found out she had also took family photos and a radio head CD.

46. I got it forwarded to me on social media from a girl I knew.

There was a girl who went to my high  school, she was obviously interested in me but I had friend zoned her but found her pleasant company at least.

We used to ride the bus together and socialize a bit on breaks. She would often bring me coffee and stuff with the morning bus.

Anyway it turned out she was obsessed and would write to this other girl about her fantasies and told her how she planned to mix a love potion into my coffee. I got forwarded all these stories, details and plans she’d been thinking up over a year. Quite scary shit.

47. For me, the creepiest thing that I ever received was back when I used Instagram and I was into all these cringey fandom communities. Just for clarification, I’m a heterosexual male, so when I received a message from one of my followers that said, “[real name here] I love you, so much, and I almost killed myself when I found out you weren’t gay, I’m in the hospital now and I really cant stop thinking about you, please date me, please go out with me, etc” I was in school at the time and I came back to almost 6 paragraphs of stories he would wrote where he made a “compilation” for me and said that he would never leave me. The biggest shock to me is that I was 13 at the time and he was almost 20. I froze up and I didn’t know what else to do. So I deleted my Instagram. I had almost 4000 followers at the time but I knew that after a message like this, I was no longer safe.

48. When I was around thirteen, I got a text message saying something like “I’m the tooth fairy, make a wish.” I asked the person who they were, they kept trying to get me to tell them what I wanted. My mom and I promptly called the police.

Still creeped out by it…

49. ‘Hey you look like my sister and I’m into inbreeding’.


I messaged back ‘that’s good to hear cause my brother is also my father’.

Nailed it. He didn’t reply back.

50. I accidentally got talking to a crazy Christian chick who was engaged to get married in a few months. Her husband is a ginger and I am also – turns out she has a major fetish for them.

One day she was talking to me online while playing a modded version of the Sims video game. She popped up and said “hey, look what I built”. She sends me a few screenshots of the game: turns out she’d made myself and her husband in a gay relationship on the game. The details were scarily accurate with the face / body creation. The first screenshot I got was me, in game, naked (the mod has full nude Sims with penises and all) with my legs spread on a kitchen bench with her husband fucking me in the ass.

Yes, I still have the pictures. I slowly stopped talking to her after that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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