22 People Reveal The Wild Incidents That Made Their High Schools Infamous

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If you don’t have a crazy (and probably weird af) story about your high school, then did you even go to high school? Honestly, putting a bunch of teens together every day in a building is sure to be the catalyst of a ton of strange shit, and I’m saying this from a place of experience — my high school was as wild as the rest.

So when Twitter user and Buzzfeed writer Katie Notopoulos asked her followers what “the incident” at their high school was, let’s just say that people had a lot to say.

What followed was one of the craziest threads this year, so we gathered the best stories for you here.

1. This girl’s stalker turned out to be herself


2. The history teacher dated and impregnated a student


3. A father faked his son’s death for life insurance money


4. Someone’s parent started threatening students and faculty


5. A guy pulled out someone’s bloody tampon on the dance floor


6. Someone ordered strippers for the football players (and they declined)


7. Someone stole some of the letters from the school sign to make this funny message

8. The school’s website got redirected to an, um, interesting site

9. Someone broadcasted porn on all the TVs in the school


10. Someone was (kind of) busted by an undercover cop

11. A few seniors buried a carving of the mascot in a marsh

12. There was a pretty epic (and possibly violent) food fight


13. The “unapooper” smeared feces all over the bathrooms

14. This school might have actually inspired Mean Girls



15. Two kids broke into the reservoir and flooded the town

16. Students brought a live tiger to their rally and a player got mauled

17. Seniors stole all the apple crisp from the cafeteria

18. Hockey players were expelled for eating non-kosher food


19. Vandals dug up the soccer field in the shape of a giant dick


20. One student was selling his peers’ nudes


21. Someone phoned in a bomb threat

22. A senior prank with a bit of a sting (lol sorry)

So maybe high school isn’t the best four years of your life, necessary, but hey, it just might be the weirdest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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