Some Dumbass Guy Tried To Slide Into This Girl’s DMs, So She Sent The Receipts To His GF

Guy tried to sext this girl so she sent the receipts to the girlfriend
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Take a deep breath and say it with me now: If you are in a relationship, do not try to slide into other people’s DMs. Please and thank you.

You’d think it’d be pretty intuitive, but apparently this dude didn’t get the memo because he waited about a whole .2 seconds before he slid straight into someone else’s DMs, despite already being in a relationship. But don’t worry, she shut him down real fast — by sending the receipts to his girlfriend.

Twitter / @aerincreer

Okay, can I just say how happy I am that it didn’t become a conflict between the women? I’m all about women who don’t take their grievances out on one another — because let’s be real, this is all his fault.

Not that he’s willing to take responsibility.

Twitter / @aerincreer


The woman posted about it on Twitter and it didn’t take long for the tweet to go viral. Let’s just say a lot of us think he had it coming.

Others (*cough* dudes *cough*) thought it was a little out of line, though.

But honestly, I’m just here for the love and respect between the two women. If you can’t count on each other to help you out, who will?

Ladies, next time some dude who’s in a relationship tries to slide into your DMs, you know what to do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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