This Love Advice That A Best Friend Texted His Buddy Is Heartbreakingly Accurate

So a guy texts his buddy, asking for advice about a girl he’s been talking to. They’ve been “on and off” for a while, and he just isn’t sure if he’s ready to commit to her.

He likes her, but he doesn’t know if he really likes her. She comes on really strong, and he’s worried that she might love “too much.”

He’s considering taking the easy way out and just ghosting her. But then his best friend gives him this real talk, blunt, advice:

via Imgur

It’s way too easy to take people for granted in this world. With the rise of Instagram, Tinder, and other social media, it can feel like we have limitless options. Instead of focusing on what we do have, we are always focusing on what we could have. I really hope this guy took his friend’s advice and started appreciating her.

Maybe people need to just let themselves be loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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