14 Betrayed Ladies Who Were Told By The ‘Other Woman’ He Was Cheating Reveal Exactly What Happened

Jenny Woods
Jenny Woods


Thanked her. She was a friend of mine. Proceeded to let everyone know they were awful and never spoke to either of them again.

— txstmptrss77


i had a girlfriend who hooked up with a close friend. I broke up with her, and while him and i joked about it that day, i decided to cut him out of my life because i couldn’t trust him anymore.

— daswef


Man. The Other Man. My ex-fiance cheated on me with a man. (He was a deeply religious closeted gay man)

I actually was grateful the Other Man called me, because I had been suspicious that my fiancé was gay and it confirmed it for me.

— maryjanesandbobbysox


I was thankful for her telling me. As her being the other woman, it wasn’t her responsibility to be faithful to me, it was his. I had suspicions that he was cheating on me with her throughout much of our relationship, which he always denied, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she contacted me to confirm it.

— HarleySpencer


I figured out that my ex was sleeping with multiple people when one of them contacted me. I think we were both other women because he claimed to be monogamous with all of us (there were more than just the 2 of us).

It was real shitty of him because I specifically negotiated a non-monogamous situation with him and then he went on to lie to me and to all of his other partners. WHY?! I told the woman the situation. She was super upset because she didn’t agree to non-monogamy. He was an ass.

— emumew


My friend was on the other side of this. She hooked up with a guy she met on Tinder, and later the scumbag told her he was married. She looked up his wife on facebook and told her, and not only did she deny that her husband was capable of cheating and call my friend a lot of words that aren’t allowed in this sub, she also threatened to sue my friend for “jeopardizing their marriage.” I guess some people are just insane.

— msstark


She’s one of my best friends right now.

I had my suspicions about the two, so one day I asked her whether they were intimate with each other (since he was denying it big time). She confirmed my suspicions and was even willing to check her calendar so she could tell me when it had happened. I thought that was a real stand up thing to do, even though she owed me nothing. We were acquaintances at most.

— -Oizys


The only time the other woman told me anything, the girl was not innocent. She knew we were dating and she had even befriended me. She made an anonymous account telling me that he was cheating on me. I could tell it was her and I didn’t believe her, so I told my boyfriend at the time that she had done that. He got very defensive and said she wouldn’t do something like that etc. That should have been my first clue.

Then one day he messages me that our mutual best guy friend had punched him in the face “for no reason”. Best friend told me that he was giving boyfriend a week to tell me the real reason. Clue #2.

Later that week my boyfriend broke up with me, and another mutual friend asked me if it was “because of Mandy”. I asked them what they meant and they said they thought I knew and then spilled the beans; my boyfriend had been cheating on me and a lot of my friends knew. Our mutual best guy friend had found out and that’s why he punched him. I messaged my ex calling him some names and telling him he was disgusting and pathetic. I messaged the girl telling her never to speak to me or say my name ever again.

— bluejay_way


He left his phone at home and when his guy friend “Monty” called I answered it, turns out it was the other girl. She asked where my bf was, I told her he left his phone at home and was in town. She told me to let him know he left his wallet at her house and hung up. I was just fucking giddy to have caught him in a lie because he’d been gas-lighting the hell out of me for months.

She called back and to say she was sorry but my bf was cheating on me with her, she never would have guessed he would be that kind of guy, and it suddenly made sense why they never went to his house. We ended up meeting up in town and talking for a while. Went home with her in tow, walked in to the house and found him lying in bed going to sleep. Flipped on the light and told him that I wanted to introduce him to my new friend. That was so satisfying to be able to rub his nose in it.

— Ginya


My first boyfriends’ ex girlfriend told me he cheated on me with her. My reaction was “Thank you for telling me, but don’t ever talk to me again.”

He confirmed finally, after an hour of denying. Proceeded to rip his head off.

— barkingsquirrel


I was the other woman. Had no clue this guy had a very long term girlfriend but felt the need to tell her when I found out. He did everything in his power to keep her from believing me despite all the proof I gave her. She never did believe me and they stayed together for awhile after that.

— UCanHaveTheCrown


Anger, she called on my birthday during my birthday party, and she phrased it more like bragging, like she wanted me to know she had won. She didn’t just call once either, she called at least 3 times. They are married now, with a kid.

— Anthrolindias


A friend told me that my high school boyfriend had cheated, and the ‘other woman’ confirmed it. I was grateful that she was honest with me and told her so. Never spoke to the boyfriend again.

— cuddlywolverine


She was pretty hysterical, because she didn’t know he had a girlfriend and was holding out for him asking her out and hoping that they’d be together forever. She also confronted me in the grocery store, so it was a scene.

I’m glad she told me, but she went about it all wrong (she saw me at Cub Foods and burst into tears and ran over to me to tell me). I cried when I got home because that’s shitty that he did what he did. I broke up with him and told him to have a nice life, and moved on quickly (we’d only been dating about 3 months). She ended up dating him afterwards, so there’s that.

— agroveoforangetrees Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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