20 Little, Beautiful Things


1. Your favorite jeans.

2. Looking back and understanding why certain things happened the way they did.

3. Your favorite food, delivered to you by surprise by your favorite person.

4. Unprecedented peacefulness.

5. A hot shower.

6. A nap when you desperately need one.

7. Newborn animals.

8. When kids say they love you.

9. Running to greet someone you love at the train station.

10. When your parents tell you that you’ve made them proud, or that you inspire them (my dad actually told me that recently…).

11. Feeling attractive just as you are. Not because you’re dressed or made up a certain way.

12. Comfy clothes, a comfy bed and your favorite movie.

13. When you pay attention to your breathing and you’re able to calm yourself.

14. Swings at playgrounds.

15. The feeling of the sun on your back.

16. When your favorite song from childhood comes on the radio.

17. When a situation you were a mess over solves itself.

18. Books that wrap your mind in the story and the feeling you get after work or school when you realize you can go back to reading again.

19. Realizing how young you are.

20. Realizing how far you’ve come in such little time. TC Mark


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