15 Little Things To Thank The Guy Who Truly Treats You Right For

Joel Sossa
Joel Sossa

1. For never having to decode messages. The room you’re left to wonder is usually proportionate to the room someone’s uncertain about your relationship. When they’re into you, you know, and when they’re straightforward, honest and clear about their intentions, it’s the most comforting thing of all.

2. For making life better just by being in it. The real fairytale is when you get to carry on with the life you already love, just with a little extra something wonderful included.

3. For making you want to be more yourself. Someone who loves you will make you feel comfortable in your skin – when you know you’re valued for who you are, you want to be more of that person. A love that inspires you to want to be more true to yourself is the most sacred kind of all.

4. For forcing you to be present. If nothing else, the right person will make you want to soak up every moment, take in all the time you have together. They’ll inspire you to want to make the most of each day, which is often hard to do on your own.

5. For talking with you for hours (often without realizing that hours are even passing). About anything, everything, stupid stuff, important stuff, whatever comes up. Having the right person in your life is having a best friend and confidante as much as it is a partner.

6. For having his own life, and his own interests, and not mistaking obsession for love. For taking the time to work on himself and care for himself, and not assuming a relationship can suffice for an entire life’s interests.

7. For being intuitive and knowing you better than anyone. Being able to sense when something’s not right, or what you’re really thinking, is a product of real connection. It not only makes you feel seen and loved, but is often just the magic elixir that makes relationships thrive.

8. For realigning your priorities. If you don’t love your work as much as you love a person, you’re probably not doing the right work… but if often takes meeting that one person to realize it. The right person is the best life hack you didn’t know you needed – it will show you where your heart is, and what parts of your life you aren’t showing up to fully.

9. For wanting to show you off. When someone loves you, they want the other people they love to know.

10. For making sacrifices feel worth it. You know that your contributions are always valued and acknowledged, and that he’s doing his share of the heavy lifting in the relationship as well. The right person never makes your sacrifices actually feel like sacrifices, they feel like acts of love, no matter how hard.

11. For respecting you even when you’re not there. For not sharing anything you wouldn’t want said outside of your relationship, and keeping promises, and remaining faithful in every way you can. It’s one thing to respect you to your face, it’s another to keep doing so even when you aren’t there to hold him accountable.

12. For just being someone to hold. If you don’t think it’s an insane privilege to be able to fall asleep next to someone you love every night (or even once in awhile) you’re totally taking for granted something many people only dream of.

13. For making your emotions feel valid. Connection can’t happen when you feel as though you have to justify your feelings rather than just communicate them.

14. For all the magic infused into the little things. For all the small dates and movie nights and just having a hand to hold on the couch at a party.

15. For reminding you that love is always possible. Finding someone you never thought you would tends to open your mind to the idea that there are better things out there for you than you can really anticipate. And that kind of hope, above anything else, is the thing to be most grateful for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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