15 Things Everybody Should Start Making Time For Each Day

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1. Fifteen minutes in the morning to meditate on three things: your breath in your body, what you would like to create or have, how you are going to make the absolute best out of what you already have today.

2. Cooking before you’re hungry.

3. Spending a few minutes outside, no matter the weather. To sit in the park, walk somewhere you’d otherwise drive, or just to listen to music and un-package your thoughts.

4. Eating fresh food (that you enjoy!) Making buying it a daily occurrence, most conveniently when you grab your coffee (or tea, or whatever).

5. Having more smartphone-free dinners with people you love (or with yourself.)

6. Reading something that isn’t a Twitter feed. Even if it’s half a page of the newspaper or three quotes you took pictures of when you came across them online. Read something, anything. Even just for a minute or two.

7. Being lazy, doing nothing. When you give yourself permission to be lazy, you give yourself permission to recalibrate, recenter, relax and refocus.

8. Keeping a journal or notebook where you write down anything and everything that strikes you: a comment someone makes, something ‘random’ you notice, etc. Document the things that make you feel, you’ll look back and they’ll seem that much more powerful.

9. Writing how you actually, truly, honestly feel. On paper. It keeps your sense of self from being completely thwarted by how often you have to “play a role” for someone else. (I’m not advocating for doing so, just keeping your soul-sanity while you get yourself into a new workplace, with new friends, etc.)

10. Talking to someone, watching or reading something that makes you laugh.

11. Making more time for people than you do things.

12. Listening to music, and nothing else.

13. Stretching. Honor your body by allowing it to just be, whatever its current state. Do not forget that despite the fact you are separate from it, it houses you and serves you. Be kind to it, give it what it asks for. This, more than many other things, is a series of daily habits you must cultivate.

14. Feeling grateful for the things you have while you still have them. Allow the idea of “impermanence” to enter your daily mindset: you will not have anything forever. What will you do each day to ensure that you’re completely living while you do?

15. No longer hurrying everything. Not using “busy” as an excuse. You are not only worth as much as you do. There is joy in simply being. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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