The Truth About Being A Strong Person

The Truth About Being A Strong Person

A strong person is brave enough to show their emotions and feel little to no shame for it. This does not mean being overly emotional and dramatic for attention. They don’t mope around with a frown on their face, they don’t take out their issues on other people as if it’s everyone else’s fault. A strong person feels like a burden on other people, but recognizes that if a friend leaves in the midst of hardship, they probably weren’t a true friend anyway. A strong person wears their heart on their sleeve and it is the single thing that makes them the most authentic person you will meet. A strong person cries because they know that life is tough, but that the only way out of the bad feelings is through them.

A strong person allows themselves to grieve properly and may feel impatient with themselves, but they will resist acting on impulse when it would only make the situation worse. A strong person does not expect others to solve their problems. Strong people aren’t afraid to reject bad advice because they ultimately know what’s going on in their lives and they know what will and will not work. They sometimes just need to be reminded of what they do or don’t believe in.

They will not shame others for being different because they are secure in who they are and why they believe what they believe. They do care about others’ opinions, but not in the sense that it defines the validity of their feelings. They don’t need others to tell them how beautiful and smart they are. They don’t need others to agree with them for them to feel like they are allowed to think for themselves. A strong person respects the opinions of others, even if they strongly disagree because they know that there are other possibilities in life and that sometimes, there is no right or wrong answer. They respect themselves just the way they are because nobody is perfect.

Strong people get hurt more often than they hurt others. They get hurt because others reject them for not fitting the social norm. They get hurt because they aren’t willing to change the very core of who they are just so they can please someone. They get hurt because their most authentic self was rejected and not just an act they were putting on. But it doesn’t last long. They do not let their past mistakes and experiences define who they are. They do not let themselves be labeled as “that one girl who embarrassed herself” or “so-and-so’s ex.”

A strong person frees themselves from the past because they refuse to trip on what’s behind them.

A strong person loves others, regardless of their flaws and mistakes. They love with promise and security, rather than fear and indecisiveness. They give love with no expectations other than respect and they show their most vulnerable side, regardless of others’ reactions. They know that love takes risks and those risks are worth it to them. Strong people treat others how they would want to be treated. They give multiple chances, but also know when to walk away. They know how to say no. They don’t let others hold them back from the life that they want to live.

A strong person learns from their mistakes and understands that the world is not out to get them. A strong person finds a way to bounce back and learn from experiences that theoretically, should make them surrender and want to give up. Strong people admit they have flaws. Instead of hiding them away from the world, they let their flaws show and they show everyone else that their flaws do not define them.

A strong person knows that when they are weak, they are strong. Because it takes a strong person to be vulnerable and have the willpower to get through their weakest moments. They take the phrase “you must pass failure on the way to success” to heart instead of just hearing it and ignoring it. They self-reflect on what they could do differently in order to succeed. A strong person apologizes genuinely because meaning an apology takes a lot of strength to do.

A strong person does not feel the need to hide any part of themselves because they know that if they need to hide anything, that means they aren’t proud of it. They don’t leave things unfinished with themselves because they know they deserve to be happy. They go out and they find happiness instead of waiting for it to come to them.

A strong person does not change because others tell them to, nor do they stay the same because others said not to change. A strong person becomes the person that they’ve always wanted because they don’t rely on others to give them purpose. They find purpose themselves.