Love A Healing Person

Love A Healing Person

If you want to learn how to attain true, unconditional love, then I will you to take a risk and love a healing person.

A healing person knows pain, insecurity, doubt, loss, and constantly looks to you for acceptance in these times

She is open, sensitive, and may wear her heart on her sleeve.

She craves nothing but true love and even though she may have it, like a child who needs consoling after falling to the ground, she needs you to help her back up from a fall.

She may have hurt prior to falling in love with you and because she is still healing, she has brought this pain into the relationship.

So, as a result, she constantly asks you if you love her, if you ever desire the lips of some other woman and if this woman’s body makes you erect in more places than one.

She may accuse you of things you haven’t done, but this is only because she is afraid of losing you.

She is constantly on guard even though she knows this love is more than authentic, but the wounded woman in her just wants you to bandage her and stitch the wounds that may not even be there, so that it never reopens.

But because you cannot see it, sometimes you may scrape them without knowing and it bleeds, yet again.

So, even though she hurts, even though she cries, love her anyway because she will teach you the true meaning of what it means to love someone through a storm.

You will learn, through her that love is never perfect but it is patient and kind.

Because true love isn’t just butterflies and romance.

Sometimes it’s long talks through pain and insecurities and sometimes it means knowing when she feels like she’s insecure so you can remind her how much you do love her.

Through it all, loving her will teach you how to really know someone’s soul and maybe her pain will teach you that it is okay to be 100% human when you are in love.

So, it may be easier to love the person who has it all together, to love a person who doesn’t constantly nag you or ask you if you really love her, to love a person who is society’s definition of ‘relationship goals.’

To love someone who looks good only on the surface.

It may be easier, but it isn’t ideal or realistic.

A healing woman, a healing person, a healing soul is anything but unrealistic.

She is pain personified, but yet she still loves.

So love her, take care of her, and cherish her because she is truly one of a kind.

Today, I will you to take a risk of a lifetime, to take a risk you will never regret.

Open up your soul to brokenness, to pain, to imperfection, to fear, to a woman who has ruins you have never explored.

Because only then will you know what it means to truly love a healing person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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