45 Things That Awkward, Quiet People Are Secretly Plagued By

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(1) Days when no one can hear what you’re saying because you can’t stop mumbling everything you say.

(2) When your face looks bored/ pissed but you’re actually totally fine (aka resting bitchface syndrome).

(3) People who tell you to “lighten up” when you were just chilling and feeling good before someone interrupted you and started telling you that you needed to lighten up.

(4) When there’s pressure to say something but you don’t have anything to say.

(5) When you haven’t said anything in a group conversation and the person speaking stops, turns to you, and says “You haven’t said anything for awhile. What’s your opinion?”

(6) When the you’re at a birthday party and someone brings out a cake and someone else starts saying that everyone needs to sing the happy birthday song.

(7) When you see someone in public that you want to talk to but who you have to shout to get the attention of :(

(8) When your professor grades on class participation.

(9) When you get stopped on the sidewalk with your headphones on and are asked directions and you think you know where to direct them but you’re totally not 100% sure and you start winging it…

(10) When you notice that you are the only person in the coffee shop who can’t access the free WiFi.

(11) People who think you are judging them.

(12) When you’re standing in line for a coffee and notice that a barista is standing next to the barista at the register, shouting at customers behind the customer at the register, asking for their orders too.

(13) When a person in the distance that might be someone you know starts waving in your direction.

(14) When your phone starts ringing but no one said they were gonna call.

(15) When you’re in your bed and done for the day and hear your roommate and what sounds like a large group of people walk in to your apartment…

(16) When someone in front of you on the sidewalk keeps drifting to the left and right and slowing down and going faster and you’re trying to get somewhere.

(17) When you’re acting marginally less quiet and someone tells you you’re “coming out of your shell.”

(18) Very small coffee milk/sugar stations.

(19) When you’re on the sidewalk and you notice a canvasser waiting for you on the next block.

(20) When your significant other compulsively orders food for the both of you.

(21) People who are uncomfortable around quiet people.

(22) People who think that because you’re weird you’re their pet.

(23) Servers who keep not hearing you say “Excuse me” while they hold your check hostage.

(24) When you’re finished ordering and you see that the pick-up counter is confusing and that no one knows whose order will be called next and there’s not enough room to stand around.

(25) When you explain something complicated that you haven’t really figured out yourself and they ask what you mean…

(26) When you realize something’s wrong with your order at a restaurant and start feeling like you have to return it.

(27) When you’re with your friend in public and they notice someone they know (but you don’t) approaching and your friend has a history of running into people you don’t know and ignoring you and never introducing you while they talk…

(28) When someone wants to smoke weed with you.

(29) When someone tries to Facetime or videochat you without warning.

(30) Small talk.

(31) When your doorbell rings but you aren’t expecting anyone.

(32) Meeting your significant other’s parents.

(33) When your mom wants to introduce you to everyone.

(34) Orientations.

(35) “Networking events.”

(36) People who make weird prolonged eye contact.

(37) Super-loud over-enthusiastic people.

(38) People who think you’re intimidating.

(39) Handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc.

(40) When someone asks why you’re so quiet.

(41) When someone introduces you and pre-emptively qualifies your behavior by saying you’re “really quiet.”

(42) When the person in the center of attention turns all the attention on you by joking that you’re “not having a good time”…

(43) When someone asks you what you want to talk about.

(44) People who distrust you because you’re quiet.

(45) When no one gets your joke and you start to try to explain it to them :( Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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