Vid Of SXSW Attendees Professing To Love Bands That Don’t Exist Perfectly Sums Up Hipsters In 5 Minutes


“I definitely think so, they have a pretty good sound, so I like their music a lot, it’s very entertaining,” a SXSW attendee responds when asked if Neil Patrick Harassment has a “good chance of breaking out into the mainstream.” She’s also bullish on the new, “very controversial” band called What The F*ck Bruce Jenner?: “They’re right on point with [Neil Patrick Harassment]. I think they have a lot of working up to do. I mean, they have a great following, so I think they could make it up to that point.”

Totally! Problem is, Neil Patrick Harassment and What The F*ck Bruce Jenner? don’t exist—Jimmy Kimmel’s writing team made them up. Other hilarious bands they created include DJ Heavy Flow, Contact Dermatitis, Hannah And The Baby Björns, and more.

Clearly, SXSW is for the most elite, insidery, in-the-know entertainment media professionals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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