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How To Introduce Your Boyfriend

If you were anyone else, I’d worry about misinterpreted signals, but this relationship is so obviously platonic, so clearly brother-sisterly, I don’t worry about it.

Clip: Woody Allen Vs. William F. Buckley

One thing you notice is how skilled Woody Allen is at hosting, deploying a consistently funny response to each question, with playful digs at Buckley like, “Mr. Buckley can’t do any dance invented after 1860.”

Do Ugly People Have Any Value At All?

Their first violation of the social contract was in emerging from the womb, thereby increasing cumulative global repulsiveness, a new wart on the face of humanity, one more unwanted animal. How dare they inflict this aesthetic discomfort on fellow citizens?

10 Signs You’re Dating a Baby

1. He Has Fat Little Hands Whenever you try to hold his hand, he instead wraps his chubby fingers around one index finger. And that’s only if he exerts effort.

10 Uplifting Reasons You’re Never Alone

Everyone gets lonely sometimes, even the popular people who seem glutted with interpersonal relationships and regular human contact. It’s perfectly natural to feel alone, though not at all enjoyable.

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