Love Yourself So You Don't Have To Rely On Someone Else To Do It For You

Love Yourself So You Don’t Have To Rely On Someone Else To Do It For You

Loving yourself is challenging and at times it feels impossible but it’s not. You are capable of loving yourself even on the days you want to break every mirror. You are capable of loving yourself on the days you might binge eat or indulge when you didn’t want to. You are capable of loving yourself in a bathing suit or anything else you want to wear.

You are capable of loving yourself because you deserve your own love – you deserve the love you keep giving to everyone else.

You are allowed to be exactly who you are and no one, especially yourself, should make you feel uncomfortable in your skin because you deserve to love yourself as much as everyone else on this earth should love themselves. You are allowed to take up space and not feel ashamed of who you are.

Love knows no barriers and you are allowed to love yourself wholeheartedly, and you should because you are strong, smart and brave. You are so much more than you allow yourself to take credit for. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself.

Self-love isn’t always easy, I get that. The low days are hard, I won’t try to deny that but the only good thing about the low days is that every single person, even the people you think have it all together, have experienced them. No one is exempt from feeling low, no one is exempt from having off days or experiencing bad self-esteem days. No one is exempt from knowing what it feels like to feel uncomfortable in their own body.

Self-love is a challenge but it’s worth fighting for.

Love yourself so that you don’t seek love from toxic places, even when it feels hard. Love yourself enough that you don’t allow yourself to go back to shitty relationships and put yourself in situations that you know aren’t healthy for you.

Love yourself enough to demand the respect you deserve from everyone else around you because you are worth it.

It’s so easy to look for outside validation from other people, even people you don’t care about because at least when we have someone else’s approval it helps us justify our actions and that helps us feel better about the decisions we’re making, even if we know it’s wrong.

You are the only person who knows yourself the best and you should take this time to get to know yourself better. You should learn and uncover the uncomfortable parts of who you are so that those parts no longer become something you’re scared of but instead something you embrace. Don’t run from yourself anymore, instead love the parts you’d usually run from because they are part of what makes you who you are.

Understand that no one is perfect and everyone has insecurities. Understand that the love you have in your heart is enough for you. Understand that self-love is not selfish, it’s necessary and important. Understand you are deserving of love, especially your own. Understand you are capable of being loved and you are capable of loving yourself.

You are more than enough the way you are on your own and you should love yourself the way you deserve. You are capable of giving yourself to love you seek from outside.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark