5 Things All Men Need To Talk To Their Girlfriends About


1. Her sexuality

It’s natural to feel like you’re a conquistador in bed. After all, you did an outstanding job—you lasted an hour and she made all kinds of noises. But did you give her breasts enough attention? You probably fondled her nipples during foreplay but forgot about them when it was crunch time. Which is a pity since it may have resulted in a bigger, better, longer-lasting orgasm for her. Every woman’s body is different and if you want to stimulate her in the way she deserves, you have to ask her exactly what she wants .

2. Her career

A woman’s career path is very important. If she’s progressing, she may be exposed to bitterness at the workplace (yes, gender discrimination still exists). If she’s not progressing, she may be frustrated. You may not be in a position to help, but you can make an effort to listen to her concerns because you understand the importance of being able to provide useful feedback. Unconditional support might just be the catalyst she needs to keep pushing.

3. Her future plans

Sometimes it’s difficult to approach this topic without coming off as being clingy. But if you’re serious about someone, it’s good to know her plans for the future. Perhaps you can initiate a light-hearted conversation with her and then ease your way into the all-important subjects like marriage, children, and retirement.

4. Her ongoing sexual needs

We tend to get complacent in relationships. It’s not that we lose interest (or love the person any less) but couples tend to get too comfortable. These days, when you have sex, she no longer feels sexy. When she wears her favorite dress, she no longer feels beautiful. It’s important to communicate with your lady love, to be reminded of the things you need to do to keep the spark alive. You see, if you ever lose the passion in your relationship, then it’s like watching a basketball game when your team is losing by 30 points. I recently met a very old couple (in their 70s). They were all bubbly and cute. When I asked the man “How do you remain in love for so long?” he responded “As long as I’m able to kiss my wife, I will do so with meaning.” Then he proceeded to show me what he meant, proudly, as a man should

5. Your insecurities

I understand the need to be macho around your friends; we’re all guilty of that. There’s nothing like drinking a beer, chatting shit, and cussing up bad words. But as a man, you also go through difficult times. These issues may affect your demeanor, and, effectively, destabilize your relationship. Maybe you can discuss your personal problems with your bredrin dem (male friends), but you won’t feel comfortable enough to delve into the most sensitive issues. But when you’re with a good woman, you can let down your guard and let her know what’s really bothering you without feeling self-conscious. (Please note that you don’t have to be a big cry baby like Christiano Ronaldo, but that’s between you and your woman.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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