Be The Girl Who Never, Ever Settles

Be the girl who doesn’t get wrapped up in what she thinks she’s supposed to do according to society and be the girl who does what fills her soul. Be the girl who wanders aimlessly as she makes her way through the world. Be the girl with 2 part-time jobs who wakes up happy every morning. Be the girl who lives with no regrets because she never, ever settles in any aspect of her life.

Be the girl who kicks the guy to the curb who doesn’t treat her like she deserves to be treated. Be the girl who isn’t afraid to be alone or travel alone because she know she’ll meet plenty of other souls like hers out on the road. Be the girl who lets the earth change her and shape her for the better.

Be the girl who lives a life that makes her feel complete, while still always leaving her thirsty for more.

Be the girl who feels things deeply, who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and share parts of herself with those around her.

Take slabs of your heart and share it with the world because you have stories to share and a voice to be heard. Don’t be afraid to fall in love over and over again. Your heart is not made of glass – it won’t stay shattered forever.

Your heart doesn’t have a limited amount of love to give so just keep sharing it with those who deserve it. Share it with the old woman sewing on her front porch, share it with the girl who you feel like you’ve known your whole life, share it with the guy you met at breakfast that you feel a connection to.

Share your heart with the world because it’s needs more people like you.

Be the girl who inspires others to live their life without reservation or fear. Be the girl who encourages others and helps them find their wings. Be the girl who other’s can count on in times of need. Be the girl who lets the world touch her soul, change her and make her feel alive.

Be the girl who doesn’t allow the world to make her feel limited or small because there’s no reason it should. Be the girl who constantly breaks through barriers and proves people wrong who tell her she can’t do something. Be the girl who is so in love with her life that she never wants to slow down.

Be the girl who is never content, who always looks for more because she knows it’s out there.

Be the girl who takes in every glorious moment of her life and treats every person she meets with all the kindness in her heart. Be the girl who makes a difference in a strangers life just by being her. Be the girl who never lets her independent spirit die.

Be the girl who is completely in love with her life, who is confident in who she is and where she’s at. Be the girl who can look back one day and know she didn’t do anything she didn’t want to because it was what was expected. Be the girl who’s truly happy and isn’t afraid to get lost because she knows she will find her way again. Be the girl who isn’t afraid of failure because you know it will help you find success.

Be the girl who never, ever settles in life because you know life is too short to waste it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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