Here's To All The Girls Who'd Rather Catch Flights Than Feelings

Here’s To All The Girls Who’d Rather Catch Flights Than Feelings

Here’s to the girls who would rather stay wild and wander than settle down. The ones who have said, “I like you, but I love to travel so as much as I’d like to stay I have to go.” The girls who don’t want a “normal” life and actually refuse to live it.

Here’s to the girls who get weird looks when they’re eating alone, the girls who actually enjoy their own company and don’t need someone with them to feel accepted. The girls who are fearless in buying a plane ticket to a foreign country alone.

Here’s to the girls who look for love, but are completely content on their own, and who never settle for anyone who doesn’t deserve them. Here’s to the girls who fall in lust for a night and say goodbye in the morning.

Here’s to the girls who can stand up for themselves, the girls who have no problem saying “yes, I’m traveling alone” to the skeptical immigration officer at the airport. The girls who know what they want and are actually going after it.

To all the girls who would rather catch flights than feelings – I’m with you.

I’d rather live for the moments that I’m waking up at 4 AM to watch the sunrise on a mountain top. The days where you planned to just relax, but end up going on a motorbike adventure to a waterfall. The morning you wake up alone in a new city then go to the common area to make your morning coffee and you instantly make new friends.

I’d rather live for the spontaneous moments that you could never predict than have a life that’s planned out and set in stone, a routine that doesn’t fulfill me and relationships that bore me.

I’d rather live out my curiosity than always dream of what my life could be.

As selfish as this sounds, I’d rather live my life for me – the way I want. I don’t want to factor someone else’s plans, feelings or dreams into my life because right now all I want to do is leave. I want to go where I want, I don’t want to consult anyone over a trip, I just want to buy the ticket. If my plans and path change I don’t want to have to explain that to anyone, I just want to go. If I meet someone wonderful I don’t want to say goodbye because I have someone else back home to worry about.

I don’t want any of that. I want to live wild and free, completely on my own without any restrictions.

Here’s to the girls who feel the same way, the one’s who want to put their dreams first and live out their happiness. The girls who aren’t concerned with settling down and finding someone to put a ring on their finger. The girls who are happiest when they’re alone because they’ve fallen in love with their lives.

Here’s to the girls like me, the ones who’d rather catch flights than feelings – the ones who will never, ever, settle. Thought Catalog Logo Mark