60 Six Word Sentences That Will Break Your Heart

Here are the saddest six word sentences ever written.

1. “I just want to get away.”

2. “I should have stayed with you.”

3. “Leaving you was the worst decision.”

4. “I will never regret walking away.”

5. “My pulse now echoes your name.”

6. “I wasted my time missing you.”

7. “I’m sorry, I can’t love you.”

8. “I feel so completely alone now.”

9. “I can’t find myself without you.”

10. “All I wanted was love back.”

11. “Why could not you accept me?”

12. “Things are not getting any better.”

13. “I’m sorry I cared too much.”

14. “I’ll keep pretending everything is fine.”

15. “Your voice became my favorite song.”

16. “I feel so alone without you.”

17. “I’m still in love with you.”

18. “We went from everything to nothing.”

19. “Nothing matters now, but you did.”

20. “I should never have believed you.”

21. “I still think of you sometimes.”

22. “I don’t want to feel lonely.”

23. “You deserve someone better than me.”

24. “I’m completely burnt out and empty.”

25. “Timing was never on my side.”

26. “Nothing hurt as bad as you.”

27. “You are all I’ll never have.”

28. “I used to feel so happy.”

29. “Please tell me I meant something.”

30. “Why didn’t you ever call back?”

31. “You never came back – you promised.”

32. “I hope you regret leaving me.”

33. “I hope you feel my absence.”

34. “Pain’s better than nothing at all.”

35. “I can’t fill the emptiness inside.”

36. “You ruined my hopes and dreams.”

37. “I should’ve never given you power.”

38. “Maybe I am wasting my time.”

39. “I destroyed myself so you couldn’t.”

40. “I was stupid to believe you.”

41. “I should have walked away sooner.”

42. “Your love heals my broken parts.”

43. “Please promise you will remember me.”

44. “I want to feel less alone.”

45. “Ignoring you only makes it worse.”

46. “What we had wasn’t true love.”

47. “We crave what we can’t have.”

48. “And then it was too late.”

49. “I know I deserve better now.”

50. “You’re worth more than you think.”

51. “Blades hurt less than your memory.”

52. “I’m pathetically in love with you.”

53. “I’m always an option to you.”

54. “I want to be wanted deeply.”

55. “I can’t make you love me.”

56. “I don’t know who I am.”

57. “Her silence was the loudest noise.”

58. “I’m terrified of falling in love.”

59. “They said time heals – they lied.”

60. “Don’t lie, I know you’ll leave.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark