15 Ways Single Girls Spend Their Weekends (Because There’s More To Life Than Dating)

1. Thinking about being single. But really, you will sit there and ponder why you’re single just because you don’t get it sometimes. You’ll wake up, making a slamming breakfast, have a great hair day, come up with some clever jokes and then you’ll wonder how the hell you’re still single.

2. Drunk make outs. Almost every single girls favorite thing to do is get drunk on the weekend and make out with some random hot guy on the dance floor. Then you wake up in the morning and kind of regret it, but not really at all because it gives some light to your life.

3. Flirting with whoever you cross paths with. Maybe it’s the pizza guy who showed up at your door at 3 AM or maybe it’s the guy at the cash register when you’re buying pain killers in the morning because you weren’t prepared for the hangover you’re nursing. Either way, when there’s an attractive male and you’ve got nothing but time to kill you can usually be found flirting.

4. Binge watching Netflix. Because what else are solo weekends for? Not much. A date with your couch, a cup of coffee and a blanket sound fabulous.

5. Debating whether or not you should text the guy you’re thinking about. Maybe it’s your ex, maybe it’s the guy you made out with last night or maybe it’s anyone in between. But regardless, you’re thinking about it.

6. Thinking about whether or not you should have sex. You’re single so you can do whatever the hell you want, but TBH sometimes sex is just a lot of work when it’s casual and you’re sober. Like did you shave, is your room clean, are you feeling bloated, do you even want sex or do you just want pizza??? Is it really worth it?

7. Swiping on Tinder. A single girl’s best friend because when you’re feeling down and lonely there’s an app right at your fingertips where you can reassure your self-confidence in minutes.

8. Taking selfies. You’ve got no date to go on but that doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up and make yourself feel like a 10. Do your thing, get all fancy and post selfies on Instagram and watch the boys flock.

9. Spending a whole day pampering yourself. You have no one else to spend money on so you might as well spend it on yourself. Get your nails done, schedule a hair cut, get a spray tan, buy new candles, do whatever your idea of spoiling yourself is.

10. Going shopping. Buy the top you’ve been wanting but aren’t sure you want to spend THAT much money on. Just do it because you know you looked good in it in the dressing room and you know soon enough you’ll have a date to wear it on.

11. Spending it completely surrounded with friends. Don’t spend it alone at all, just surround yourself with your other single friends (so you don’t have to hear about boyfriend drama you don’t care about at all). Have the girls over, sit around and gossip over chocolate and wine, or go out to dinner and gossip, basically no matter what you do we just know there’s going to be gossip.

12. Watching an embarrassingly sad movie. The kind of movie you know will make you cry or the kind you’d actually be embarrassed to watch with other people because it’s just so bad, yet somehow your guilty pleasure.

13. Hanging out in your favorite bookstore. Grab a few books, sit in one of those big comfy chairs with a hot tea and get lost in your own world. Bookstores are super cozy and it’ll be a good break for you.

14. Ordering takeout. Because as much as you’d like to take yourself out to some nice, romantic dinner you’re just not feeling the effort and take out in your living room sounds much more appealing.

15. Reading articles on the Internet. Because reading about other people’s heartbreak makes you feel a hell of a lot better in a way. You also can’t ever resist the urge to read the articles that tell you about why you’re single and everything you’re doing wrong in dating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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