14 Men Explain Exactly Why They’d Rather Have Sex With Their Girlfriend Instead Of A Random

JD Mason
JD Mason

1. “It’s simple, because I love her.” – Jake, 23

2. “Because with her I’m comfortable, I don’t have to worry about anything. It’s just easy.” – Nicholas, 28

3. “It’s not awkward I don’t have to try to figure out her body, I know her body and I know what she likes and I like doing those things to her.” – Chandler, 26

4. “My girlfriend is amazing and she’s so fun in bed, she loves experimenting and it allows us to be comfortable around each other while testing things out.” – Christian, 30

5. “I care about her which automatically makes it better, plus we can laugh without any awkwardness. Sex with randos was fun too, but it’s just much better when you have a connection and you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of random sex anymore, some chicks are insane.” – Alex, 25

6. “I don’t think most girls understand this, but guys get insecure about their bodies, too. With her all my insecurities are irrelevant and we’re just comfortable with each other, which makes it better.” – Liam, 31

7. “Having sex with my girlfriend is WAY better. We just get to experiment with things you would never do with a random like role play and remake our own sex scenes.” – Brad, 33

8. “Things are way more intimate with my girlfriend than with any rando chick I’ve slept with on a hook up. I know what she likes and she knows what I like and it just works.” – Greg, 23

9. “I hooked up with a lot of girls in college and once I found my current GF I was hooked on her. She just started as a hook up but having sex with her I just felt a connection and it was something I never experienced with any of the other girls, plus she has a banging personality and body.” – Sam, 25

10. “I know what I’m getting into every time and I know it’s going to be good. It’s not going to be some crazy girl who’s acting like she’s in a porno or angry biting me.” – Ryan, 28

11. “Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I’ve never been into the random hook ups, I like sex to mean something and with my girlfriend it means something. I like feeling connected to her physically and emotionally. I’ve never just wanted a body to fuck.” – Brandon, 23

12. “It’s more enjoyable to have sex with the person who you get drunk with, eat pizza with, do stupid shit with, and love. I’d pick that over a random girl anytime. You’d have to be stupid not to.” – Steven, 24

13. “Hooking up with random chicks was fun, but most of the time they were just sluts or crazy, but having sex with your girlfriend you know what you’re gonna get and if she is crazy you still love her, so it’s okay. But for real, it’s better to have sex with someone you’re comfortable with and are comfortable experimenting with.” – Ray, 27

14. “You never have to worry about the awkward goodbye, like if she’s going to leave your apartment or stay and try to cook your friends lunch. You never know what you’re getting yourself into when you bring home a random.” – Jay, 23 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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