If You Look At Her And Don’t Feel Blessed, Let Her Go

Derrick Freske
Derrick Freske

If you don’t see the radiant light that she gives off when she’s doing even the simplest things, let her go.

If you don’t see the way her smile can change the moods of others around her, let her go.

If the sound of her laugh doesn’t bring you joy, let her go.

If you don’t feel blessed to have her in your life through the good and the bad, let her go because she is not your blessing to have.

She is another man’s blessing and you are holding her back from what she truly deserves.

When you love her you have to love all of her, you can’t pick and pull at the pieces you love and try to manipulate and change the rest of her. That is not how love works.

You have to look at the woman in front of you and love all of her.

You have to love how she changes her mind 10 times before she resorts back to her original plan. You have to love how she’s always five minutes late because she couldn’t get her hair to curl just right. You have to love how she forgets to turn the stove off after she cooks dinner. You have to love all her flaws because they are part of who she is and you can’t change that.

Because the same woman who is forgetting to turn the stove off is the one who’s cooking you dinner. Because the same woman who is curling her hair to get it just right is not only doing it to make herself feel good, but also to look good by your side.

Everything she does, she does partially for you, for your sake and your happiness. She loves you with her whole heart and will go the extra mile just to see your face light up with a smile.

She is willing to make sacrifices for you and she is willing to adjust her lifestyle to fit you in and make you comfortable because she knows true love is about sacrifice.

She knows true love isn’t only about loving each other’s strengths but also each other’s weaknesses.

So if you don’t love her weaknesses like she loves yours you have to let her go.

This girl is a blessing, she’s a true blessing and everyone around you can see that, and if you don’t it’s time you let her go.

It will crush her that you couldn’t love her the way she loves you, but it will free her to find someone who will give her the appropriate attention she deserves. Someone who will cherish her and love all of her, despite how indecisive she may be.

If you look at her and you don’t feel blessed, you need to let her go because she is not your blessing, she is someone else’s and it isn’t fair for you to hold on to her when you know she could have better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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