50 ‘What Ifs’ Even The Most Compatible Couples Need To Consider Before Settling Down Together Forever

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Twenty20, trangxng92

1. What if one of us desperately craves some kind of change, but the other’s completely content with the status quo?

2. What if we develop separate hobbies or interests that aren’t at all conducive to spending time together?

3. What’ll we do if we end up making enough money to stop working way before we thought possible?

4. What if we get really rich? Like, hit-the-jackpot multi-millionaire wealthy?

5. What if only one of us achieves professional success in their chosen field?

6. What if one person continues to struggle while the other finds contentment in life overall?

7. What if we decide to launch a business together and it takes off, but also compromises our relationship along the way?

8. What if we realize that we’re even better business partners than lovers?

9. What if one of us develops the urge to do something sexually that makes the other person uncomfortable?

10. What if we want entirely different things in bed at a certain stage?

11. What if one person has a breakthrough that leads them to question everything they once believed?

12. What if someone’s secret is revealed and the information uncovered is disappointing or unsettling or unforgivable?

13. What if we evolve into totally different people from who we are today?

14. What if one person desperately wants a dog, but the other’s intent on a cat, or a goldfish?

15. What if one of us decides to embrace a super restrictive diet that makes eating out totally un-fun?

16. What if we develop the itch to travel somewhere but we can’t really afford to take the trip?

17. What if we decide to have kids, but can’t get pregnant?

18. What if we have to downsize and live way more humbly than we ever anticipated?

19. What if we lose everything?

20. What if one of us gets laid off or fired?

21. What if one of us decides to shift professional gears late in life?

22. What if either of us wants to go back to school suddenly?

23. What if one of us experiences an unanticipated religious awakening?

24. What if one of us befriends someone the other strongly dislikes?

25. What if one of us develops a questionably close friendship with someone of the opposite sex?

26. What if one of us feels unloved or disrespected by the other’s family?

27. What if one of us gets into a massive fight with someone we both adore?

28. What if we strongly disagree about how to handle an important family matter?

29. What if one of starts to hate where we live but the other is adamantly against relocating?

30. What if our house burns down, literally?

31. What if we find ourselves at the center of some Hurricane Katrina grade natural disaster?

32. What if we disagree vehemently about who should be President during a heated election?

33. What if one of us ages way faster than the other and we start to look like we’re a decade apart even if we’re not?

34. What if either of us develops an addiction?

35. What if one person becomes seriously ill unexpectedly?

36. What if one of us gets into a horrible freak accident and ends up alive, but comatose?

37. What if one of us loses a limb?

38. What if one person dies way before their time, leaving the other behind?

39. What if we lose a close friend or relative unexpectedly?

40. What if one of us is the victim of a terrible crime?

41. What if one of us is accused of a crime (falsely or not)?

42. What if we witness a horrible act and have to enter the Witness Protection Program to save our family?

43. What if something goes horribly wrong during a routine procedure either of us is undergoing?

44. What if one of us is being sexually harassed at work?

45. What if one of us has to work crazy long hours for an extended period, or travel extensively for professional reasons?

46. What if one of us starts to feel unloved, lonely, or neglected?

47. What if one of us just can’t shake the blues?

48. What if we start to forget why we got together in the first place?

49. What if we completely disagree on whose side to take when our friends split up or divorce?

50. What if we get closer and closer as the years go by and stop fighting altogether and our relationship happiness makes everyone around us want to projectile vomit? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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