Never Look For Healing In The Person Who Broke You

Bianca des Jardins
Bianca des Jardins

Don’t even think about putting your heart back into the palms of the person who broke it. You might think they can help you heal, that they can help you mend it back together, but I’m telling you they can’t.

They did the damage and I know you’re missing them, but going back to them won’t solve your heartache. I know it’s hard living without them after all this time. I know you want to go back, you want to send them that message, you want to call them and tell them they are all that’s been on your mind, but don’t.

Please, don’t. The pain isn’t worth it.

You might not feel it right now, but you’re stronger without them.

You don’t need the one who broke you in order to feel good and whole.

You don’t need them in order to heal because you’ll be better off without them.

In order to heal on your own you need to let them go.

Don’t lose yourself in a weak moment. Don’t reach out when you’re feeling alone and vulnerable. Don’t drunk text him because you think reading their words, if they even respond, will help you find comfort. Don’t think they’re as good as it gets, because things will get better.

By reaching out, by going back, by convincing yourself they’ll be better the next time around is only setting yourself up for a heartbreak. Maybe not right away, but eventually it will come. They will make you question why you gave them a shot in the first place. You will feel low again and the damage will only increase.

I don’t want to see you crumble and fall.

I know you want to see the best for them, you always want to see the best for the people you care about most, but I’m telling you the best thing for you might be to walk away from them in order to protect yourself from more damage.

I know you want to believe things will be different this time around. I know you want to believe them when they tell you things have changed, that they have changed, but have they? Have you really seen them change since you’ve been together?

The first few months of any relationship are blissful and new, they’re sweet and kind, they’re exciting and happy, but after the first few months that’s when things get real. That’s when a person starts feeling comfortable below their exterior and starts opening up about their demons and showing their true identity.

Can you handle all that, again? Can you handle what comes after the blissful beginning following the “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” and “I promise I’ve changed”? Because the demons come back out to play after things settle back down to normal.

I know it’s a hell of a lot harder to walk away from someone you love, especially in a period of feeling so vulnerable, but it’s for the best. You might not be able to see it now, but you will grow bigger and stronger from walking away before allowing the person you love to break your heart again.

You owe it to yourself to leave, to love yourself, to find your own happiness without them. I know it’s hard and I know you miss them terribly, but you can’t find happiness in a person who doesn’t bring out the best in you.

Don’t give them that power over you back. Know your worth; know what you deserve and how you should be treated. Never be with someone who continuously drags you down, you deserve much more than that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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