15 Things No One Tells You About Love During A Long-Distance Relationship

being in a long distance relationship

1. There’s no mention of how isolating being in a long-distance relationship can be especially since many know more long-distance couples breaking up than sticking together.

2. Nobody ever tells you to grow thick skin before you delve into a long-distance relationship because you would never have thought you’d need to.

3. They don’t tell you how difficult it is to want to be next to someone you love who is thousands of miles away. There’s no secret recipe to wanting what can feel like the unattainable.

4. They don’t tell you how many haters are out there trying to convince you that there’s already someone for you in the same city/country. They never warn you about the individuals who will lecture you by saying that you don’t need to look to another country to find someone you love.

5. They don’t tell you how incomprehensible it is to be so close with the person you love, but so far at the same time.

6. They don’t tell you just how many activities you have to distract yourself with to dilute the stinging pain of missing your significant other. Believe me, it can amount to a lot on a bad day.

7. They don’t tell you how funny and awkward video and phone sex is with your partner, but somehow it works!

8. But here are also some pointers nobody ever tells you about being in a long-distance relationship.

9. They don’t tell you how long-distance relationships are so incredibly similar to being in a normal relationship because you can still spend time learning about one another and being happy as a couple amidst the distance.

10. They don’t tell you that even as a long-distance couple, you are also entitled to being in love with your partner because at the end of the day, distance shouldn’t be a barrier between you and the pursuit of love.

11. They don’t tell you how normal long-distance relationships is. There remains the lonely days, happy days, bad days, and the longing to be with one another – all of which are as normal as the conventional type of relationship.

12. They don’t tell you how you can be ridiculously happy because of the person on that phone screen. You tell them that they’re amazing and that’s the damn truth!

13. They don’t tell you that even on the difficult nights, be it fights or tears, you are still able to console your partner. Sure they can’t wipe the tears off your face, but they can still calm you down with kind words, apologetic eyes, and phone kisses.

14. They especially don’t tell you how rewarding being in a long-distance relationship is because from the very start, you’ve had to fight to sustain the relationship.

15. There are a lot of reasons as to why people will discourage you from being in a long-distance relationship, but once you get over that barrier, you’ll come to understand that this relationship will be the best one yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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