When The Perpetually Single Girl Craves Love

Brooke Cagle

She’s prided herself for so long on being single, on being perfectly fine on her own, because she is. She’s not single because no one wants her; she isn’t unwanted or incapable of love. She just hasn’t found someone to make her heart skip a beat. She hasn’t found someone that fills her stomach with butterflies at the sight of them. She hasn’t found someone she misses before they’re even gone. She hasn’t found someone to make her want to give up being single because her happiness was born in her decision to be single.

She loves being on her own; she has become her own saving grace and her own backbone. She’s gone through loss, fights, hard times and good times without a S/O by her side. She’s tough and she’s been tough for others. She stands up for herself and makes sure she gets treated the way she deserves.

She doesn’t need someone to complete her or fix her. She is whole on her own; she has filled her own voids, figured out how to fix things on her own. She can carry her own weight on her shoulders and she’s proud of it.

She’s found herself and she loves herself.

She’s gotten used to being single, maybe a little to used to it. She’s become comfortable with it, maybe a little too comfortable with it.

There are times she gets lonely because life isn’t meant to be lived alone all the time. Even though she can do things for herself, on her own, doesn’t necessarily means she always wants to.

There are times when—even though she can carry all her groceries inside in two loads—sometimes she’d rather have someone there to help her do it in one. There are times that instead of putting air in her own tires sometimes she’d like someone to do it for her. There are times that she would rather share the grill with someone instead of always grilling her own burgers.

There are times that instead of coming home to an empty house and cooking dinner for herself she would rather be cooking dinner for someone else. There are times that she would rather be waking up to someone she loves instead of waking up alone. There are times she would rather cook breakfast for two, make coffee for two and have someone to share her mornings with.

Because as strong, as independent, as happy as she is on her own sometimes she just needs a hand to hold. Someone to kiss her when she’s feeling down, someone to tell her she looks beautiful when she’s doubting herself, someone to be goofy when she’s upset because as great as being single is, it isn’t better than love.

Even the perpetually single girl craves love, craves attention and craves the feeling of being wanted. As much as she craves it, it isn’t that easy to find. There have been guys who have come and gone, guys who haven’t stuck around, and guys who broke her heart, so she started being guarded. She started choosing herself, she started putting herself first and before she realized it she started becoming happier that way.

She started finding happiness in herself, she stopped getting let down, she stopped getting her heart broken. She became strong and it led her to where she is now, but even the perpetually single girl craves love because it’s a long trip alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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