100 Uplifting Moments That Remind You The World Isn’t So Bad

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1. Hearing birds chirp in the morning.
2. Someone saying “thank you” when you open the door for them.
3. Watching loved ones reunite at the airport.
4. Getting a call from someone unexpected.
5. Running into old friends you haven’t seen in a while.
6. Overhearing someone saying something nice about you.
7. Getting a letter in the mail that’s not a bill.
8. Receiving a compliment from a stranger.
9. Someone buying you a gift because it reminded them of you.
10. Waking up and realizing you still have a few hours left to sleep.
11. Being genuinely happy for no particular reason.
12. Driving with the windows down.
13. Really getting to know someone on a new level.
14. Someone telling you they miss you.
15. Fresh air.
16. Hearing your S/O call you their boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time.
17. Reminiscing on your favorite moments with friends.
18. The first snow fall.
19. Going on long drives.
20. Weather turning out exactly like you hoped on a specific day.
21. Being told you’re good at doing something you love.
22. Winning on a scratch off.
23. A stranger buying your coffee.
24. Sleeping on clean sheets.
25. The perfect shave.
26. Waking up happy.
27. Reading a great book.
28. Being seated right away at the restaurant you’ve been craving.
29. A movie ending the way you hoped.
30. Your flight arriving and departing on time.
31. Chewing your last piece of gum.
32. Doing better on a test than you thought.
33. Your favorite artist touring near you.
34. Waking up with good hair.
35. Catching yourself smiling for no reason.
36. Being able to help someone you care about.
37. Listening to a good story.
38. Laughing with your friends.
39. Having a meaningful conversation with strangers.
40. Loving something you dreading attending.
41. Finally mastering the yoga pose you’ve been working on.
42. Getting your dream job.
43. The smell of rain.
44. Realizing the person you love, loves you back.
45. Falling asleep immediately.
46. Getting asked out on a date.
47. Ice cream on a hot day.
48. Receiving cards on days other than your birthday.
49. Swimming in a lake.
50. No lines for a bathroom.
51. Hearing songs you love on the radio.
52. Receiving a hug.
53. Receiving a compliment from your boss.
54. Surprises.
55. Hitting all green lights in a row.
56. Hearing your favorite throwback songs.
57. The perfect refreshing nap.
58. Birthday cards filled with hand written memories.
59. Heart to heart conversations.
60. Creating a new personal connection with someone.
61. Someone asking, “What makes you happy?”
62. Laughing so hard you cry.
63. Sleeping in your own bed after traveling.
64. Being told you made someone’s day.
65. Making someone laugh.
66. The smell of BBQ in the summer.
67. Finding a perfect and affordable trip.
68. When someone asks you to take a picture with them.
69. Beating your own personal record.
70. Having a warranty on something you broke.
71. Dropping your phone and it doesn’t shatter.
72. Seeing kids outside playing.
73. Not hearing any commercials on your way to work.
74. First kisses.
75. The smell of a candle blowing out.
76. Taking awesome candid pictures.
77. Witnessing someone get proposed to and watching their face as they say yes.
78. Ordering a beer on special without realizing it.
79. Someone leaving you a generous tip.
80. Thinking something is broken, but figuring out how to fix it.
81. Seeing people taking their dogs for walks.
82. Feeling sand between your toes.
83. The first time wearing flip-flops in the spring.
84. Checking things off your to-do list.
85. Feeling comfortable silence with someone.
86. Opening the windows in the spring.
87. The sun shining on your skin.
88. Wearing clothes straight out of the dyer.
89. Taking your bra off at the end of the day.
90. Something turning out exactly the way you planned.
91. Payday.
92. Finding out that the shirt you wanted on sale.
93. Overcoming writers block.
94. A glass of wine at the end of a long day.
95. Coming home to a clean house.
96. Getting the window seat on an airplane.
97. Finding a hair tie right when you need one.
98. Waking up and not feeling tired.
99. Finding money in your pockets.
100. The way the sun shines through your bedroom window in the morning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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