Each Myers-Briggs Type Described As A Feeling You Can’t Explain

ENFP: That feeling when that risky text you sent to your crush pays off and they tell you they like you too and then you stay up talking to your best friend into the wee hours of the morning about what happened because you’re so happy.

ISTJ: That feeling you get on the first day of school when you’re early and you got a good seat and you lay out all your stuff for taking notes, plus a bunch of extra supplies you don’t need but you lay it out anyway because everything looks so neat and organized.

INTP: That feeling you get when you find out something new and it makes a bunch of other things make sense and you’re just sort of excited and in awe of your newfound knowledge.

ENFJ: That feeling when you feel like people have your back on something and you feel invincible so you go out there and you succeed and afterward they all say that they knew you could do it and you know it’s all because of them and you tell them so and everyone is happy.

ISTP: That feeling when you walk outside and you realize fall is here because there’s a chill in the air, and fog in the glowing trees and you get that thrill in your stomach of the mystery and renewal of autumn.

ENTP: That feeling when someone admits you were right, even though they had sworn you weren’t and so you guys call a truce and now they actually come to you when they are not sure what to think.

INFP: That feeling you get when you’re in a strange new place and you’re a strange mix of scared and brave and excited but you don’t know how to put it into words so you just kind of stare around at things with a wondrous look in your eyes.

ISFJ: That feeling when you meet a new friend’s pet and it immediately loves you and you’re really excited and so is your new friend and you guys sit on the floor and play with their pet and become way closer friends.

ESTJ: That feeling you get when you accomplish something major and people recognize it, and they’re excited about it, and you’re so excited that you immediately set even higher goals for yourself because everything seems achievable.

ESTP: That feeling you get when people are really impressed by something you didn’t even realize was cool, and now you have the warm glow of people being impressed by you when you weren’t even trying.

INFJ: That feeling when you give someone advice and they take it and it works out marvelously and they’re happy because it worked out, and you’re happy for them and for yourself because you did the right thing and helped them.

ESFP: That feeling you get when you meet a cute stranger and you kind of flirt with them and they flirt back and you know that this is the beginning of a relationship and it’s so exhilarating.

ISFP: That feeling you get when you walk into a used bookstore and you can feel the knowledge and adventure swirling around you just waiting for you and the bookshop owner knows your name and lets you browse but when you’re done they suggest just the right book.

INTJ: That feeling when things go according to plan and people seem to be acting as they should and you’re excited about your plan but you don’t want to jinx yourself so you make sure to not let your emotions show too much.

ESFJ: That feeling when you finally save up enough to buy something you’ve been dreaming of, sans accessories, but when you get there they’ve discounted the price so you can get both, and so you’re surprised and happy and thankful all at once.

ENTJ: That feeling when you fix a problem in secret and then you hear other people talking about how well that mystery person fixed it and you’re so happy because people liked it and it got fixed and that knowledge is all yours to keep in your pocket and take out and look at once and awhile.

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