Blow Your Ex One Last Kiss And Then Move On Forever

Veronika Balasyuk
Veronika Balasyuk

I know it takes time.

It takes time to discover that it’s still possible to dance new steps and sing a song. It takes time to make the decision to stop wondering why life is kind of unfair because that’s not the life you live. I know how it feels to go to bed at night with pain and waking up the next day with sorrow.


It’s still possible for the rainbow to appear after the rain and the sun will still shine. It’s okay. One day, you will be caught off guard then realize you’re smiling again. And if there’s one thing you should do, it’s to enjoy life and be ready to take another risk. It’s okay to take risks but you have to know how to calculate the ones you take. I know that you feel like dying of thirst in a desert and that’s okay.

I know,

It’s time to move on. It’s time to be happy. It’s time to stop hating the world because my goodness, you deserve to be the happiest! It’s time to stop saving all the hatred in your heart. It’s time to stop lying awake till 3 AM feeling depressed and unsatisfied.

I know that you’re pretty strong. Live a space in your heart for some happiness and love. Learn how to laugh about all the beautiful things that you both went through. Learn to find solitude in loneliness, a beauty in all the tears, happiness in sadness, a hope in every sad fate and bravery in every fear.

It’s okay to count fifty or more years in silence. It’s okay to accidentally bump into each other inside a grocery. It’s okay that your cars suddenly stopped next to each other at the intersection, while waiting for the green light. It’s okay that the music has changed and new steps are required.

I hope you didn’t forget your value yet — because I know you’re always finding yourself trying to prove your worth as a human being. I hope one day, things will not be as rough as this anymore and it will get smoother and better.

I hope you’ll appreciate your existence and realize that it is not a pain to endure. I hope you will stop telling yourself, “I wish I could punch my face or I wish I could just hit my head on the wall or I wish the ground I’m standing at would open and swallow me in one gulp.”

I hope you’ll stop the hateful expressions and will never be disturbed and get tormented mentally by this gut-wrenching pain- that always made you think of fulfilling your desire of revenge. I hope you’ll stop that explosive wrath and have the corner of your mind a clean place so that hope will find its place in there and in your heart. Let those negative thoughts and feelings move out.

I hope you’ll not be depressed again and will let yourself let go of all your frustrations in life. I hope you will learn not to leave your heart on the doorstep, so people will never use like doormat and never let your worth on sale and an easy option all the time.

I hope you stop seeing the ugly side of you and start seeing the amazing side. Remind yourself you are worthy and good at heart.

…and don’t harbor any bitterness in your heart- because why should you saddle yourself with all the negative feelings when you want to enjoy your life? Darling, life is too short wasting it. Stop thinking that the pain you have right now is what you deserve. When someone dump you and have caused you a deep grief in your heart, learn how to walk out in that hell. There are around 7.5 billion of people alive in this world, so why the hell you are so focused on that one person to chase for the rest of your lifetime. Losing hope is not the solution to difficulties no matter how desperate the situation it may seem. You see, the world is so big and have too much to offer.

To the one who have caused you a deep void of pain, blow a kiss one last time then wipe your tears away and remind yourself it’s still possible to smile. I know you are alive, so live it well because just living is not enough! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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