5 Ways For Long-Distance Couples To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Flickr /// Aine

Valentine’s Day—it’s almost that time of the year again when people treat their loved ones by taking them out on a date or an out of town mini vacation; giving them something special like a wonderfully arranged bouquet of flowers, a fancy present, or a cute memento; and doing anything to simply make them feel extra loved that day.

For some people, Valentine’s Day is something to look forward to because it’s every couple’s day to completely show off their love to the public without looking like a bunch of cheeseballs. As for me, anticipating for Valentine’s Day is a neutral thing. Call me a bitter gourd if you want, but Valentine’s Day isn’t all that fun when you’re in a long distance relationship! *sighs heavily*

Sure, there are those LDR couples who manage to see each other personally on certain occasions; sadly, I am a part of that LDR couples group who CANNOT spend Valentine’s Day with my significant other in person. *sobs*

BUT, here’s the thing, even if I can’t personally spend Valentine’s Day with my significant other, I can still celebrate it with him virtually.

So if you’re one of those LDR couples who are miles away from their partners and will be unable to spend Valentine’s Day face-to-face, like me, here are a few things you can do to spice it up and still have fun together:

1. Have a date through Skype/Facetime.

Luckily for our generation, long-distance relationships are easier to handle because we have the opportunity to communicate with our far off significant other (anytime and anywhere) through technology! So for you guys to have a “Skype date” on Valentine’s Day, plan ahead by choosing the best time that the both of you can be online for a few hours or so to have a “meal together” and talk throughout the time being. Also, don’t forget to dress up (the both of you!) so it would look like you’re on an actual date!

2. Call delivery and order your significant other’s favorite meal.

You can surprise your loved one by ordering his or her favorite meal and having it delivered to his or her doorstep! This is another option that you can do before your “Skype date” happens (rather than buying or making individual meals that you’ll both eat together on your date. That way, you can also eat the same food you ordered for your loved one to make it look like you’re “actually together”) or when you can’t have a “Skype date” due to unexpected reasons.

3. Send your S.O. a handwritten letter through snail mail.

Since the both of you often talk to each other via call, chat, text, or video calls, sending your loved one a handwritten letter on Valentine’s Day will be something different and extra-special for the both of you! One thing you can do to make things sweeter is to write him or her a bunch of letters that your loved one can open based on how he or she is feeling at certain times, and send them on Valentine’s Day (along with your personal message letter, of course). The extra effort you put in will surely be appreciated by your S.O. Plus, who doesn’t like receiving handwritten letters, right?

4. Send your S.O. a gift through his or her current address.

Another thing you can do to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day is by sending him or her a present through the mail—whether it be flowers, chocolates, a stuffed animal, a jar filled with both of your favorite memories together written on slips of paper, a scrapbook that you made or anything you please to give (like your significant other’s favorite things or that item he or she has been talking about for some time now)—your loved one will surely appreciate it! Also, if your S.O. is living with a roommate or has a friend living nearby, you can ask help from him or her by asking that person to arrange your presents in your S.O.’s room (along with rose petals on the floor, balloons, lit candles, or anything that can serve as décor). Your loved one will definitely be overjoyed with this kind of surprise!

5. Greet your S.O. with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” first thing in the morning.

Calling each other whenever possible is surely a thing for LDR couples but one way to start both of your day right is by greeting him or her a Happy Valentine’s Day. A little chitchat can do just fine after greeting each other if one of you has to do something in the morning. There’s still the afternoon or nighttime to continue your conversation until the hours pass by. This way, your loved one will surely be in a good mood all throughout the day.

If you and your significant other still want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with each other in person, it doesn’t always have to be on the day itself. What matters most is that the both of you make the best out of everything in every situation.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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