New Year, Same Bitch

New Year, Same Bitch

Every year we’re faced with a New Year beginning and we’re expected to make resolutions of how we plan on bettering ourselves in the upcoming year. Why? What’s wrong with who we are? It’s always the same thing. “2018 kicked my ass.” Or “2017 was a rough year.” Or “I’m going to make 2019 the best year yet.” All of this “New Year, new me” bullshit has got to go.

Appreciate your experiences.

Maybe 2018 did kick your ass. Maybe 2017 was a rough year. But these aren’t things that we should reflect on as being bad things. This is life. These are experiences that became memories that helped shape you into the person that you are. You are wonderful just the way you are. Why do you need a new year to become a better person? Why shouldn’t this be the standard to live by on a daily basis?

Love who you are.

Love everything about yourself. Your laugh is wild. Your hair looks like a homeless person may live in it. You gained a little weight. You eat Taco Bell excessively. So what? These are all of the things that make you, YOU. Love that. Love every part that makes you unique and never change it. Love your soul as much as you love your looks.

Never have regrets.

What about 2018 kicked your ass? What situation, breakup, or makeup do you wish would have gone differently? NOTHING. You handled 2018 like a boss and you still are. You’re still a badass and you’re going to continue to be that same badass in 2019 too.

Screw all the hype about becoming a better person. Or giving up certain guilty pleasures. Or changing a toxic trait. If these are things you feel strongly about, change them because you need to, not because a new year approaching says that you should. I make no apologies for who I am. I am who I am. What you see is what you get and that will never change. A new year may be approaching, but I plan on being the same bitch as always.

To the same me dressed in a new year! Cheers to 2019! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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