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How To Date The ‘Difficult’ Girl

Nothing in life comes easy. If it does, it probably isn’t worth having in the first place. These are notions we’ve learned to live by to make ourselves feel better about being shut down or not receiving the original outcome that we wanted. We’ve tricked ourselves into thinking that the thought of rejection is such a terrible thing, that instead of seeing it as rejection or too difficult to deal with, we tell ourselves it just wasn’t meant to be. Good try.

Instead of fighting for that difficult thing and then being proud of obtaining it, we settle. STOP SETTLING. I say this in every aspect of the phrase. This includes relationships and that girl that just seems too difficult, too damaged, or just needs too much reassurance.


There is no such thing as TOO difficult, TOO damaged, or needing TOO much reassurance. If you think that, then you’re part of the reason that she and 208538420 other females like her feel this way. If she’s difficult, I promise you, she’s worth it. She just wants to make sure you’re worth seeing that. Give her a reason to stay. Give her a reason to allow herself to light up your world in a way you’ve never seen before. More than likely, she’s amazing and you kind of already know that you’re just being a dude.


Reassure her: Take the initiative to ask her how her day is. Shoot her a text telling her she’s beautiful just because. Good morning and good night text messages go a long way. Plan a date. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, shoot; it doesn’t even mean you have to go anywhere. Plan something that seems as though you cared enough to think about her and spending time with her. Date naps go a long way. Everyone, including dudes, need some reassurance every once in a while. It’s a natural human emotion. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world or so Rihanna says.

Prove to her that nothing is truly broken: If she’s been screwed over in the past or was treated poorly, she already has some broken sense of relationships. PROVE HER WRONG. Do everything you can to show her that all guys aren’t the same. When you look at her, don’t look at her as if she’s broken and sad, look at her and wonder how anyone could have ever hurt someone you view as so wonderful.

Show her that nothing in life comes easy: Let her know you know that she’s difficult and that’s one of her finest qualities. Being difficult is so frowned upon, but you find it intimidating yet amazing. If she wasn’t difficult, you probably wouldn’t be interested in the first place and that no matter how difficult she seems at times, you won’t give up on her. She’s worth the fight.

Relationships are work, but so is everything else in life. If you’re looking to fix a difficult girl, walk away. She doesn’t need fixing, she just needs you. Shoot that text. Make that phone call. Do whatever it is that you have to do to prove to her that you’re there and you want her…all of her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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