Why The Happiest Girlfriends Are The Ones Who Let Their Men Check Out Other Women

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

A couple go on vacation together. They are walking along the beach when a sexy young woman who could easily be Miss Hawaiian Tropic comes strutting by in her tiny, sparkly bikini. Man can’t help but notice this perfect human specimen, as does his significant other who witnesses her man’s head turn as Hawaiian Tropic passes by. Instantly, her blood boils as she prepares to scold him for his indecency.

Many women have the tendency to become upset or even irate when they catch their significant other checking out other attractive women.   They will often react with jealousy and hostility, leaving the guy with not a clue on how to fix the situation or how to calm her down.

One of the facts of life that women need to understand is that men will always notice other beautiful women.

It’s just a thing they do. All of them, and there is scientific evidence that supports that they can’t really help it.  It should be common sense by now that men are visually stimulated. The types of women that will appeal to them will vary, but generally they will meet certain criteria: Facial symmetry, a certain waist to hip ratio, good skin and hair, slender, and fit. When men see an image that meets these standards, chemicals are released in the brain that compels their eyes to linger a little bit longer than they would for another man that passes by, for instance.

It doesn’t matter what his marital status is either. If he sees an attractive woman, he will immediately take note of her beauty. Just because a guy is married or in a relationship doesn’t mean that other women stop being hot. You know this too ladies when it comes to other men that you encounter. You see a guy while shopping and you think, “Damn, he’s hot!” You might even say that to your girl friends and you all then proceed to admire his appearance. You either let your eyes linger or you try to get a couple more quick peeks at him before he awkwardly catches you looking at him. When this happens, you know it’s not a threat to  your relationship with your boyfriend. You know you aren’t going to be unfaithful to him just because you saw a guy at the store that you find sexy in some way or another. You should know first hand that there’s no need to throw a big hissy-fit when you see your guy momentarily distracted by the cute waitress that is serving your table.

Another thing, is this: The fact that he  sometimes looks at other women does not mean that he doesn’t also think you are beautiful. It does not mean he plans to be unfaithful. It also does not mean that he doesn’t love you. It just means that he saw a woman that he found physically attractive. That’s it. He thinks you are gorgeous. He loves you, and he’s with you for a reason, and he wishes that you understood that.

Yes, there’s a line to be crossed.

For example, a glance at a good looking woman is natural and nearly unavoidable. However if he is visibly ogling her and boldly not trying to hide it, even with you standing right there with him while he’s doing it, that’s disrespectful to both you and her, because it has become deliberate and inconsiderate. This would be a good time to tactfully call him out, especially if you know he wouldn’t like the same behavior out of you. There’s a difference between noticing an attractive woman and when he is going out of his way to make it known to the world that he’d like to hit it.

Stay tuned for a second part on this topic. I want to go further into discussing reactions and attitude to catching your guy checking out other women, and what say and do when he’s crossed the line. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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