Maybe There’s A Reason She Stopped Dating

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Maybe there’s a reason she stopped dating. A reason she deleted Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, etc. A reason she doesn’t want to be set up with your friend or why she politely declines drink offers at the bar. A reason she smiles because, yes, she’s nice, but it’s not always an invitation. A reason she says no when someone asks for her number.

Maybe there’s a reason she stopped putting her heart on the line. A reason she’s stopped opening herself up to men who see her as disposable. A reason she’s suddenly cautious instead of eager. A reason she’s slow to trust instead of running into the nearest pair of arms who will hold her. A reason she’s holding parts of herself back.

Maybe there’s a reason she turns down opportunities. A reason she says no. A reason she says no. Listen. She said no. She said no.

Maybe there’s a reason she’s more comfortable being alone. A reason she’s purposefully choosing solitude. A reason she’d rather hold her pillow than a person. A reason going home to what she’s expecting feels safer.

Maybe there’s a reason she is happy the way she is. A reason she’s not looking for any sudden changes. A reason she feels content with the way things are.

Maybe there’s a reason she’d rather focus on other things. A reason her career is a priority. A reason relationships and commitment and marriage are the last things on her mind. A reason she couldn’t care less.

Maybe there’s a reason mediocre men bore her. A reason she’s heard enough lies and seen enough frat boys to know what’s real and what’s not. A reason her bullshit meter works. A reason she can see through tired lines.

Maybe there’s a reason she doesn’t talk about this stuff. A reason you don’t know. A reason she isn’t ready to tell anyone. A reason that only belongs to her. Maybe don’t question it. Maybe just let it be.

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