15 Things To Know If Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend Is Her Mom

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls

1. She likes calling her mom every day. And no, it’s not out of necessity or some child-parental obligation she feels like she’s got to fulfill. It’s because she genuinely looks forward to their talks.

2. When something totally awesome happens, she will be so excited to share it with you…And then immediately call her mom afterwards to also tell her.

3. She relates to Gilmore Girls on a spiritual level.

4. She’ll likely want you to meet her mom sooner than later.

5. Because her mom’s approval will be even more important than her closest girlfriends.

6. In fact, her mom has likely known of your existence long before anything was even official between the two of you.

7. Her mom is her closest confidante, the person she trusts with everything, who has always had her back. But don’t assume this means she’ll blab EVERYTHING to her mom. If you tell her something is private or personal, she’ll respect that.

8. Every now and then, she’s going to ditch you to hang with Mama. Don’t take it personally.

9. If you get serious, she’s going to care about the individual relationship you have with her mom. In a perfect world, significant others would always get along with their beau’s family. But that obviously isn’t always true. But for the girl who is besties with her mom? It’s not just something she’s hoping for. It’s something she’ll require.

10. She considers the term Mama’s Girl to be a compliment.

11. Don’t be surprised if it seems like they can read each other’s minds. (They just might be able to)

12. Be warned that if for some reason the two of them are fighting, EVERYTHING WILL BE HELL.

13. It always passes though. And hugs will be everywhere, tears will be shed.

14. If you’re ever upset with her and decide to respond, “You’re turning into your Mom!” — she will be super stoked.

15. Her mom ultimately just wants her daughter’s happiness. So if that means you, she’s going to inevitably love you too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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