7 Little Things Ugly Girls Do Differently


1. No Dress Code

You can show up to a date, drunk in beach shorts. It doesn’t matter what lunch special is in your teeth still. You can be yourself. The complete fat slob.

Hot girls will be like “OMG he’s not buying everything for me and treating me like a princess.”

Ugly girls think “He probably eats pussy great.”

2. Good Credit

What’s your credit score? Multiple it by 7,000. That’s what an ugly girls credit score is. The fatter or more ugly the girl, the better her credit.

Hot girls are stupid as fuck. They are used to men buying them things. Ugly chicks, they had to do it for themselves. Paying off college loans, auto loans, maybe even some kind of house. Establishing dope ass credit. Credit is almost as cool as tits.

3. Easy to fuck

Ugly girls are the easiest to fuck. They don’t just lay there.

You ever have this ridiculously hot girl? Well no you. But have you known someone who has? Well, pretend you do. You’re either dating or one time thing. Get’s late about to fuck or whatever the kids call it these days. She just fucking lays there. Like some stupid comatose Barbie. Used to everything in life being handed to her off of beauty alone.

That never happens with ugly girls.

They will suck your dick for days. And do whatever you want. Because they fucking have to. You are the first and last dude they have been with. There is no replacement because they are ugly as fuck and most people have standards.

Hot girls are approached non-stop by guys. Staring at them walk by. Opening doors for them. Ugly girls never had that. They are ignored or friendzoned fast as shit. So then when a guy approaches them

4. Have nice cars

There is nothing in this world worse than pulling up to a first date and the girl has some piece of shit car. Like a $600 car, trash everywhere. The inside is littered with make up cases, different outfits, Starbucks cups. Something about that makes me think she has a hairy asshole and possibly HPV.

Ugly girls have the best cars. Because their credit is higher, they were offered better deals. In addition to having to work from a young age because guys only buy hot girls shit.

5. Don’t have to pay for their dinner

You’re gold, they’re stuck staring at gold. You’ve already sent her 16 dick pictures to get to this point. You’re in bro. She has low self worth, you are probably a bum with little to no money. Play it off. She will offer to buy your dinner a majority of the time.

6. They have XBOXes

Say you’re something like me. Obviously, not as handsome, but assume.

You’re at a girl’s house after a night of drinking. One thing leads to another, say in this instance she blows you.

You get it off.

She rolls over to sleep.

Call a cab and steal her XBOX. XBOXes are dope as fuck.

7. Food and water bottles in the fridge

Say XBOX isn’t your thing.

It’s inside a chrome device with a handle.

Walk over to it, pull the handle back and feel the ice cold on your face.

Look around the food is plentiful. The luxury of dating a fat girl.

Leftover White Castle, pizza, water bottles, soda, beer…leftover Italian food…. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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