How To Receive A BJ In 6 Simple Steps


Now I’m fairly certain that most of us have come across articles teaching us ‘How To Give a Blow Job’ and learning how much or how little to use your tongue, to keep your mouth wet (blah, blah, blah), even how to resist our natural gag reflex in order to successfully deep throat- oh joy! But what seems to be lacking from this topic, is one on how to actually receive a blow job…

If you’re a boy who moans about women hating giving blow jobs then you can only blame yourself. I’ve varied from loving giving boyfriends blow jobs to point blank refusing based solely on their reactions.

1. First and most importantly, do not shove our heads into your groin. When asking friends what we most HATE about giving blow jobs, the most repeated response was the head shoving. Shoving our heads down to your crotch as sign language for ‘Please can I have a blowjob?’ or shoving our heads when we’re already down there is really not enjoyable. Don’t make me gag with your cock in my mouth- that’s not sexy. Let us take control. If you want us to take it deeper, faster, slower then TELL US, don’t force us.

2. Don’t just stand there with your hands on your hips like your some kind of sex superman. Touch us! I personally quite enjoy a head massage whilst giving a blow job. If you have conveniently lanky arms then play with our tits during- for most girls nipples are a turn on spot! Sex in any form is an intimate experience and as it’s difficult (but hot) to maintain eye contact whilst giving/receiving head using your hands is a good way to create intimacy.

3. Respond positively and vocally. Let us know we’re doing a good job, gasp if we lick that oh-so-sensitive tip, and tell us how great that feels. We want to know exactly how amazing we are at blow jobs- it’s good for the ego.

4. Hygiene. I know it’s obvious but please, please, wash before we go down there. If it smells, it’s gross, and we won’t be going back there in a hurry. Obviously there are exceptions; if it all happens rather spontaneously or you’re slumming it in a festival then it can’t really be avoided.

5. Warn us before you cum. There is nothing more disgusting than choking on a load of cum you weren’t aware was ‘coming’. Also, ask us if we’re ok with you coming in our mouths. Whilst many assume that there is the simple choice of spit or swallow you could actually just cum elsewhere- In a tissue, on our tits, anywhere but our mouths. An ex boyfriend once came on a load of revision notes and a library book next to his bed in a bit of a fluster (Whilst this wasn’t ideal it was funny in a oh-my-god-this-is-awkward-way and I actually appreciated him not making me swallow it). No woman should ever feel pressured into swallowing cum.

6. Return the favor! Be chivalrous, if I go down on you I expect you to go down on me or use your hands. Heterosexual porn scenes usually involve the girl giving the guy a blow job followed by intercourse. Rarely does the man return the favour. This is SO not okay. Good sex involves satisfaction for both.

Following these tips will not only make oral sex a more pleasurable experience for your partner but also a more regular one for you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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