5 Reasons I Love Women (But Hate Feminists)

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First of all, I would like to start by saying I’m not a sexist; in fact, I think all women deserve the same rights as men. Both genders are truly talented and gifted with different people who are more proficient at different things than some others. However, here are some things I find annoying about feminism.

They’re hypocrites when it comes to equality

I, myself, think women deserve equal rights as men, but sometimes there are things that can never be equal between us. It may be a harsh truth, but men are obviously physically stronger than most women, but don’t let that get you down because women are also better at some things than men.

Women would like the same equality as men, but at the same time they wouldn’t be okay with a man fighting a weaker woman. Let’s say a female boxer challenges a male boxer to a boxing match and the male boxer beats her badly without any mercy as he would do to any other challengers, but the male boxer would be considered an asshole not just by women but also men. Although, wife-beaters take up a small proportion of the male population, most men know it’s wrong to hit women. Sports leagues are divided into men and women league for a reason because the difference between us is too great, but that doesn’t mean we don’t respect our fellow female athletes. We are just letting people in the same level as you guys compete together. And that may sound sexist to you guys now, but you will definitely see the difference in performance when watching a sports game played between men and women. So until I see both genders fighting together without men being called assholes for fighting the weaker sex or the nonexistence of double standards, there’s no true equality between both genders.

They think men get paid more than women simply because they’re women

Hear me out, there is a legitimate reason why men get paid more than women, and it’s not because of their gender. The college majors can explain much of the wage gap between both genders. Consider, for example, how men and women differ in their college majors. Here is a list of the ten most remunerative majors compiled by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Men overwhelmingly outnumber women in all but one of them:

1.   Petroleum Engineering: 87% male

2.   Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration: 48% male

3.   Mathematics and Computer Science: 67% male

4.   Aerospace Engineering: 88% male

5.   Chemical Engineering: 72% male

6.   Electrical Engineering: 89% male

7.   Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering: 97% male

8.   Mechanical Engineering: 90% male

9.   Metallurgical Engineering: 83% male

10. Mining and Mineral Engineering: 90% male

And here are the 10 least remunerative majors—where women prevail in nine out of ten:

1.  Counseling Psychology: 74% female

2.  Early Childhood Education: 97% female

3.  Theology and Religious Vocations: 34% female

4.  Human Services and Community Organization: 81% female

5.  Social Work: 88% female

6.  Drama and Theater Arts: 60% female

7.   Studio Arts: 66% female

8.   Communication Disorders Sciences and Services: 94% female

9.   Visual and Performing Arts: 77% female

10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs: 55% female

So my question is, how do women expect to be paid as much as men when they’re the ones majoring in the least remunerative majors?

They think men are all the same

How many of us have heard this before? “Men are pigs; I’m a strong independent woman, and I don’t need a man!”

Most of them think men are all the same, maybe it’s because they were cheated on or whatever, but did you know statistically, women are more likely to cheat than men? While men have always had a worse reputation for being unfaithful, recent studies show that women are catching up fast, but they are a lot more likely to lie about it and a lot less likely to get caught. I’m not saying men don’t cheat; both genders do, and that says a lot. There are 7 billion people in this world and some people are going to be shitty people. So for the feminists out there crying about how men are all the same, just remember there are men somewhere crying for the same reason.

In some cases, they take feminism to an extreme level

Incase you haven’t heard, some feminists are participating in this new trend called Free-Bleeding. In which a woman who is menstruating chooses not to use feminine products, in order for her blood to flow “freely” out of her body, staining her clothing and running down from her thighs to wherever it may end up. I’m not sure if feminists are pissed off at the fact that the inventor of tampon was a man or whatever but that shit’s not okay. I’m not saying you guys should be ashamed of your menstrual cycle; it’s normal, it’s natural, and I’m guessing it sucks that you guys have to put up with it, but it’s just not very hygienic for your blood to flow freely out of your clothing. If men were the ones that had to deal with the menstrual cycle, we would be glad to accept women’s help with inventing the tampon for us. I’m not saying you can’t be proud of your period blood running down from your crotch, but it’s really nothing to be proud of since it’s something you have no control over. I don’t think the vagina is gross, but in order for you guys to receive cunnilingus, you guys will need to keep your crotch clean.

They think it’s okay to be sluts

Maybe feminists don’t need a man, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to have sex with one. Some of them may think it’s okay to have to sex with as many men as they want since man-whores aren’t really criticized for it.

However, just because there are men that are shitty people, it doesn’t mean you should lower yourself down to their level.

I may sound like a sexist for what I’m about to say but hear me out, this is just one of the rights that will probably never be equal between men and women, and I’d do something to change it if I could, but it’s the nature of humankind. Although, man-whores are shitty people that often break the hearts of others, you have to give them some props. According to a social experiment, a man asked 100 random girls on the street to have sex with him, and none of them said yes. So that says something, which it’s more of a challenge for a man to get into the pants of the opposite sex. Don’t believe me? Here’s another social experiment, a woman did the same thing as the man above, except she got a 50% success rate. With that said, women face less of a challenge than men when trying to seduce a random stranger on the street so it’s not an accomplishment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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