Why Men Don’t Like Strong, Independent Women

 Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

If the words strong and independent define you, then prepare to be not liked by men.

While most women see themselves as damsels in distress, men look at the mirror and see a reflection of a knight in sleek, shining armor.

Blame the patriarchal society.

Since the beginning, men have this Herculean image that makes them feel superior and god-like. It’s as if they’re a 10 regardless of their flaws.

I’m guessing you just rolled your eyes after reading the abovementioned, that is if you’re a woman. Anyhow, the reaction’s mutual though as I scrawled the words that bear the ugly, naked truth.

Men don’t like strong, independent women because their roles won’t come to life if there’s no princess to be saved. Their ego won’t grow and so as their balls. Hence, men need women, or should we say, girls, to have someone to mollycoddle.

Perhaps we’re wondering why women nowadays would rather be dumb than be single. Again, using one’s head has become overrated. If you’re not dumb enough, then men won’t waste their time pursuing you.

The truth indeed is the hardest to look at, right? Right.

Some of you might disagree with what I’m trying to say here. Perhaps you’ve chanced upon the book “Why Men Love Bitches” or you’re a self-proclaimed “strong, independent woman” who’s having the best roller coaster ride of your life because of the man you’re with, I couldn’t care less.

However, let me tell you this, I, myself, have read every page of that book back in college. And could someone please refresh my memory on what year it was published? The bitchy tips there might work for some of you ladies, but for the millennial women who journey across the borders of the unknown every day? I don’t think so.

From what I’ve learned so far in the process of coping with adulthood, the society accepts men as creatures crafted out of pride and mind games, whereas women are boxes full of emotions delicately wrapped in fancy covers. Could the universe be more unfair?

The thing is, if a woman is too intellectual and experienced than a man, then the man would most likely question his worth. And this is not what the society taught us. Men hate doubting themselves.

Am I right, guys? Men hate being intimidated, especially by women. Guys, is it a yes or a yes? So, they would rather go after a dumb hoochie who can make them feel superior rather than a smart woman who makes them feel otherwise.

If only men could learn to love and accept a strong, independent woman who’s willing to give whatever she can without you guys asking her to compromise her strength and independence for the sake of the relationship, then the world turn into a paradise of love.

Sadly, there’s only a few who mastered the art of going after the right women; the brave men who are not afraid to defy the “rules” of the patriarchal society. Kudos to you, gents. The others have yet to experience pain before they could learn one of life’s greatest lessons. Good luck, boys.

If you see yourself as a strong, independent woman, then don’t be afraid to be loud and proud about it. Go and wander the world on your own as you ignite the fire in your soul. There’s nothing shameful or wrong in being alone, it’s just that having someone to share your joy with makes the sky brighter regardless of the inevitable storm.

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