Be With Someone Who Feels Like Home


Be with someone who makes you excited about life. Someone you want to tell your dreams to, no matter how unrealistic they may be.

Be with someone who believes in you with wide eyes and takes your hand as you tell them these crazy ideas. Be with someone who wants to stand beside you as you achieve them and helps you to. But would also step aside and let you go if they knew that was what was best for you, even it broke their heart to do so.

Be with someone who would drive hours just to see you for a short while. But would meet you half way in every sense of the word.

Be with someone who loves you for you and not who they want you to be.

Be with someone who walks into a room and only sees you. Someone who lights up in your presence.

Be with someone you can talk to at 3 AM and you walk away thinking it’s the best conversation you’ve ever had, even if you don’t remember it all.

Be with someone who plants a fire in your heart and teaches you to never settle. Someone who answers every call or actually calls you back, no not a text that says ‘hey what’s up,’ when you know they ignored it. Be with someone who wants to hear your voice.

Be with someone who teaches you being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak but it is that which is your strength. Someone who teaches you to see yourself through their eyes and along with falling in love with them, they’ve taught you to love yourself.

Be with someone who sends you a song lyrics because they’ve thought of you or a quote or funny meme just because. Someone who gives you a book because somehow someone has put into words the things they can’t figure out how to say.

Be with someone who misses you when you’re gone, even if you haven’t left just yet.

Be with someone who looks at you and knows what you’re thinking even when you haven’t figured it out yourself yet.

Be with someone who remembers the details you tell them even when you’re rambling.

Be with someone who seems perfect in your eyes but as you get to know them you realize flaws under the surface but you love them more for it.
Someone who makes you realize no one is perfect but there is someone perfect for you.

Be with someone you think is too good and you wake up every day thinking you’re the luckiest person there is.

Be with someone you’d be proud to introduce your friends and family to. Someone you stand beside and still get butterflies. Someone who makes you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.

Be with someone who makes you realize the definition of home isn’t a place but rather who gives you a reason to stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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