20 Ways To Tell If He’s Looking For A Relationship (Even If He Says He’s Not)

We have that one guy who made us lose all faith in mankind, which is not fair because there are some amazing guys out there who are waiting to meet that one special woman so he can treat her like a queen.

Granted, guys tend to be pickier and take longer because they do not feel the same pressure as women to settle down. But most guys will fall for the girl who will make him want to change his fuckboy tendencies, because he knows that meeting a girl like that is a once in a lifetime thing.

Here’s how to tell if he is looking for a relationship, even if he says he’s not.

1. He will wait to sleep with you if that is what you want.

Most guys will not choose to wait, but if he wants to be with you, he will choose to wait till you are ready.

2. He will never be too busy for you; he will always make time.

Life happens and work happens, but we always make time for what is important in our lives, and if you are important to him, he will always have time for you.

3. He will make sure you meet his friends and see him in his social circle.

If he wants a relationship, he will want you to be a part of his life, and that means letting the important people in his life meet you and showing you off a little.

4. He will want to meet your friends, and if he does, he will make it a point to be extra nice.

Just as he would like his important people to meet you, he will also want to meet the important people in your life, because he wants to be a part of your life too.

5. He will want to be seen in public with you.

Nothing about a real relationship should be hidden. He will want the world to know you two are together.

6. He will be protective of you (like let you walk on the inside of the sidewalk).

It is in a guy’s nature to want to protect who he cares about, and if you are chosen, he will protect you in any way he can.

7. He will keep his word if he has planned to do something with you — he will be there because he doesn’t want to disappoint you.

This is a big one. He won’t make half-assed promises that sound good at the time, he will actually do what he says.

8. He will make you his priority, and you will come before a lot of other things in his life

A partner takes precedence over a lot of other people in life that is just the truth. If you are relationship material for him, he will put you before his other commitments, like getting drunk with friends.

9. He will take your opinions into consideration.

Before he might have had this one restaurant or bar he loved to go to with his buddies and his Tinder dates, but with a serious one, he will try to find out what you like and be open to broaden his horizons.

10. He will remember and talk about the first time you met.

It was November 16, 2017 when he met you at open mic night on Thursday and you were wearing glasses…

11. He will make plans with you for next week or next month for a specific event.

If he is serious about you, he will invite you or at least tell you about a future event, such as a friend’s party, wedding, family Christmas, etc.

12. He will make the effort and it will not feel like a lot of work for him.

Relationships take work, but when we like to do the work, it doesn’t feel like it is taking a lot of effort. Planning things with you will not take that effort because he will want to do it.

13. He will make sure you are a factor in his big decisions.

Is he looking to move for a big job or thinking of buying a house? He will want you to be a part of that decision and keep you in the loop.

14. He will stop hanging out with other girls.

Because he obviously should if you are the one he wants to date. He will know it is time to grow up and be an adult.

15. He will remember your allergies and food restrictions.

If your health, religion, or principles do not allow you to eat something, he will always remember that, even when you don’t.

16. He will know what your goals are.

He had a goal before you met him, and he will know you had dreams before you met him too, and he will do whatever he can to support you in your goals.

17. He will not hurt you.

Seems like common sense, but it is ridiculous how many people claim to care and continue to hurt the person they supposedly care about. If he really cares about you, he will not hurt you.

18. He will do things that make you happy.

If you love home-cooked meals, he will learn to cook or try to. If you love live shows, he will take you to concerts. He will always want to see a smile on your face.

19. He will know what is important to you and do it.

If it is important to you to keep the house clean, he will make the effort to clean it. He will know your principles and not do things to upset you.

20. He will wait for you if that is what you want.

If you are not ready or not sure if he is the one you want, but he knows you are the one he wants, he will be patient and wait for you till you are ready. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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