13 Signs You’re Not The Marrying Kind


1. You have no idea what your “dream” wedding is. You were never the kind of person who grew up dreaming of your wedding day and you still haven’t really thought about it.

2. You would rather die than know the difference between ivory and eggshell.

3. You have actually said you don’t want to get married or you don’t really care if you do. You think marriage is great for other people and you’re happy to celebrate with them, but you don’t need to get married to prove you love someone.

4. You’ve ended relationships because you knew they would want to get engaged in the next couple of years and you didn’t want to waste their time. (And yours).

5. You sort of feel like you’re already married…to your life. Between your friends, career, and the things that keep you busy and fulfilled, you already have a rather full life.

6. Your family members have stopped asking you when you’re going to get married or settle down because now they just sort of get you’re doing your own thing.

7. You’re always talking about a new adventure you want to go on or a new trip you want to take. If you could find someone that had the same flexibility as you, then yeah, you’d love for them to join you. But for the most part your lifestyle is not for the average 9-5 kind of person.

8. You have a huge list of life goals you want to achieve in the next several years and you just don’t see a space for someone else. There’s always that elusive “what if…” and yes, you know there’s the chance you could meet someone really great, but regardless, you’re not going to let anything or anyone get in the way of your dreams.

9. Anytime your significant other brings up the topic of getting engaged or married you cringe. You love your relationship the way it is. Why does it have to change?

10. You can’t really relate to romantic comedies about people “risking it all” or devoting their entire life to be with someone. It’s pretty unrealistic. Do people ACTUALLY do that just for love?

11. You basically think the whole idea of “marriage as an institution” is bullshit.

12. People assume because you’re not married and you don’t want to get married you must be jaded or that you “just haven’t met the one yet.” You don’t really get people who assume your life must be incomplete because you haven’t signed a legally binding contract with someone.

13. When you go to a wedding you try to picture yourself in their shoes but you just can’t. Aside from the booze and the cake you fail to understand the point of the whole thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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