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Let’s Meet Again Someday

We’re in love. But we’re young. So let’s meet again someday.

You’ll follow your dreams. I’ll follow mine. We’ll sow our wild oats, and we’ll fight our inner demons. We’ll learn to understand ourselves, and find our predestined purpose.

We’ll go a little crazy, gain a little wisdom, live some more life, and search for the shit we believe we need.

We’ll meet other people along the way. We’ll make memories. We’ll make mistakes. We’ll dance by ourselves, and live on our own. We’ll learn independence and how to articulate our feelings and our needs. We’ll appreciate the moment, look forward to the future and we’ll never forget the past.

Then someday, when the timing is right and we’ve learned to love ourselves, we’ll be ready to love each other. We’ll be ready to be together, and truly appreciate one another.

We’ll get to meet twice in life. We’ll become best friends again. We’ll share another kiss. We’ll feel more than we felt before. We’ll fall in love quickly and realize we’d never even fell out of it before. We’ll get closer, and feel safer.

We’ll wake up on Sundays and make pancakes with coffee. We’ll cuddle on the couch and watch movies on rainy days. We’ll kiss in the rain, and dance in the kitchen. We’ll laugh so hard we cry, and we’ll stay up talking for hours. We’ll tell each other all our secrets and promise each other forever.

I’ll call you babe, and you’ll call me beautiful. Or baby. Or sweetheart. Or honey. Or darling. In the end it doesn’t really matter, as long as we’re together. We’ll always be okay, as long as we always trust each other.

Because we’re in love…but right now, we’re still a little young. So let’s meet again someday.

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