Critiquing Wes Anderson’s Movie Posters

Wes Anderson’s movie posters have a very specific look to them. And it’s a look that makes me want to punch everyone on the poster and everyone responsible for the poster and maybe even the poster itself.

Here are my smart critiques that I think would really help Wes Anderson and his movies and I’m pretty sure he would agree with me I have a really good eye for art and design.

I did all of this work on Paintbrush. I think I did a good job because it’s not Photoshop it is very limiting but I always do my best when I do things because I really care about things that I do.

Thank you.

Oh also I did not put the Bottle Rocket poster on here because it is the only poster of his that doesn’t look like it was Wes Andersonified I hope that’s okay with everyone.

Thank you again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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