100 Reasons To Stay Alive (Today And For The Rest Of Your Life)

    1. Sunrises
    2. Sunsets
    3. The smell of the burning wood
    4. Looking for the shooting stars
    5. Soap bubbles
    6. Rainy days while you are at home
    7. Your favourite song on the radio while you are driving
    8. Peeing when you really had to go
    9. Avocados
    10. Music on vinyls
    11. Bubble wrap
    12. The crackling sound of a fireplace
    13. Cute puppies
    14. Yoga
    15. Reading a good book
    16. Travelling
    17. Getting your favourite flowers
    18. Real old school paper letters
    19. Indie rock
    20. Paper bags
    21. Chocolate
    22. Staring out of the window while traveling
    23. Hammocks
    24. Your friends
    25. Getting new good friends
    26. Finding animal shapes in the clouds
    27. Walking bare-feet in the sand
    28. Comic books
    29. Kissing a person you have been wanting to kiss
    30. Learning new things
    31. Doodling
    32. Singing in the shower
    33. Mushroom picking
    34. Touching plants
    35. Licking melted ice cream
    36. Stone skipping
    37. Making paper planes
    38. Warm street wine in the wintertime
    39. An unexpected message from a long forgotten person
    40. A glass of water when you are very thirsty
    41. Your favourite sweater
    42. Sneezing
    43. Getting toe rubs
    44. A compliment from a stranger
    45. Finding an object from your childhood
    46. Getting a 2 for 1 deal
    47. Polaroid pictures
    48. Beating a computer at chess
    49. Not knowing how to bake a quiche and suddenly nailing it
    50. Learning one tune on the piano
    51. The smell of freshly cut grass
    52. PIZZA
    53. Aperol Spritzes in the summer
    54. Feeling warm breeze
    55. Watching your favourite show before going to sleep
    56. Landing in a new country
    57. Drinking on the beach
    58. Jazz music
    59. Sleeping in clean sheets
    60. Dress-up costume party when you’ve got the perfect costume
    61. Winning the lottery
    62. Rollercoasters
    63. Swimming with fins and pretending you are a super hero
    64. Being in an old castle which has rumours to be haunted
    65. Sunbathing in the morning
    66. Getting a haircut which really suits you
    67. Hitting a paper ball precisely in the bin
    68. Wiping dust of your computer screen
    69. Getting the best seat in the cinema
    70. Being the exact amount of drunk to enjoy karaoke
    71. Marshmallows on fire
    72. Beatnik poetry
    73. Going home to your childhood home for some pancakes or any other type of favourite childhood food
    74. Getting the USB stick in correctly with the first attempt
    75. People’s eyes
    76. Scented candles
    77. A tax return in your favour
    78. Friday nights
    79. Peeing when you really had to go
    80. Listening to your favourite band at a music festival
    81. Well-visible rainbows
    82. Knowing your movie trivia
    83. Rocking chairs
    84. Warm socks in the winter
    85. A true snuggle from your lover
    86. Solving Rubik’s Cube
    87. Catching that train you thought you were gonna miss
    88. Cricket sound on a warm night
    89. Skinny dipping
    90. Doing the thing you have been afraid to do
    91. Stand-up comedy
    92. Picnics
    93. Sleek design
    94. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning
    95. The sound of a crispy toast breaking
    96. Finding the strength to say “no” when you should say “no”
    97. Working out and seeing the effect
    98. Staying in bed a little longer on a Saturday
    99. An occasional cigarette when you really want it
    100. Creating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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