She’s Not Afraid Of Love, She Just Needs To Know She Can Trust You

not afraid and learning to love again

She’s never been afraid of falling in love. She’s actually always been the one giving it freely because she believes in its power. She knows that falling in love is an adventure she’d never be able to turn down.

But this ability to love without any bounds has made it so her heart has been shattered more times than she cares to admit. She doesn’t want to talk about the times when love made her feel worthless. She doesn’t want to talk about how hard it was to come back from her last go around. She doesn’t want to talk about the times she stood out in the rain, wishing it would cleanse her from the pain in her heart.

Even though she’s been broken before by love, she doesn’t fear it. She does worry about the leaving. She fears giving away all of her secrets and someone still choosing to walk away. She’s scared to let someone dive into all of the corners of her heart only for them to go.

Then you came along.

You came along and changed everything she thought she knew. The way you kiss. The your body moves. The way your mind processes things. All of it made her fall head over heels for you in a second.

But you notice she’s holding something back. She starts to tell you things that you want to know about her past but then quickly shuts it down. She doesn’t tell you her passions and secrets in the way you think she should. She doesn’t plan too far in the future with you and you wonder why. It makes you question if she loves you at all.

Well darling, she’s not afraid to fall in love with you. No on the contrary.

But she is afraid to trust you.

You may have not been the person to break her trust but you are the representation of someone who could in the future. She’s been ghosted, cheated on and left behind more times than she can count and she isn’t sure she can go through it all again.

She’s strong. Extremely strong. She is independent. She doesn’t need you but hell she wants you. She wants you to fill the space next to her and breathe you in deeply every night before bed. She wants to know what makes you tick and know what you want for the future. She wants to feel emotionally safe with you and be able to express everything she’s feeling.

But she’s scared. She’s scared with good reason.

She needs to know you’re not going anywhere. When it gets tough and you feel like you want to push her away, don’t. Let her in. Let her know what’s going on and how she can help.

She needs to know you’re not going to hide anything from her. She wants to know that thing in your past you feel the need to be ashamed of. She needs to trust that when your phone goes off that you’re not texting some other girl. She wants you to feel able to tell her anything, no matter what.

She needs to know you love her. You don’t have to tell her every single second of every day that you love her but she needs to feel it. She needs to feel that you’re so happy to have her there. She needs to know that your love for her isn’t something fleeting.

She needs you to trust her. If you trust her with your heart, soul and everything in between, she will be able to trust you in return. Love is giving yourself to someone, not knowing the outcome, but trusting at the end of the day your partner is going to be there. Mutual trust is one of the best ways to build a relationship that’s going to last.

Her heart beats completely in sync with yours and she knows it.

She knows that you’re worth the risk. She wants to trust you with every piece of her. She just needs to know she can. And when you show her that she can, you’re going to get a love in return that you’ve always dreamed of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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