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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From October’s New Moon In Libra

The New Moon in Libra will be on October 16th, inspiring us to create balance and harmony. The effects of this transit will last until early next year. Although inspirational, this won’t be easy, since the Moon will be in opposition to Mars and will be squaring off Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. It will be a tough transit for a lot of folks, especially the Cardinal signs, as they try to reclaim some balance and momentum to power through the end of this year. In order to be successful during this transit, there has to be a lot of self-confidence and restraint on our end. Saturn will continue making us question ourselves, and with this stress to the New Moon, it can pull us out of our comfort zone and make us question and doubt ourselves. There will be a coldness in this transit, but given that it is in a Cardinal sign, we can still start something new even if it will be a challenge. Nevertheless, this Moon can be a great period to make changes, close chapters, and make some revisions to our goals. Positive thoughts and finding out inner strength can bring us gifts in the darker moments of this month.


This New Moon will feel like a blast from the past. You might be reminiscing about people you no longer speak to or the impact of your past romantic relationships. Although this is a new beginning, you will feel like cutting out things from the past to move on. With Mars in your sign, you will want to focus on your rebirth, but you first need to prioritize your needs and wants to truly channel this energy into. Rest up if you are burnt out so you can come out stronger than ever in November.


You will be pushed to excel with this transit. There may be a lot of responsibilities thrown your way, which will make you feel overwhelmed. Understand that if things are becoming unbearable, you need to take a break and analyze what is causing you stress. The New Moon in Libra is a time for you to find balance in the chaos. It might be tough now to assert yourself with Mars retrograde, but you have the power to push through. Remember that slow and steady always wins, especially now.


We need lighthearted transits, and this one may be a little easier for you compared to others. Of course, it will present some challenges as you try to appease to your friends and those who you may be interested in romantically. Strike a balance with both parties and try to preserve the peace within them. This can also translate into you not feeling lost when it comes to your creative side. Find the confidence to finish some projects and to rekindle some faith in what you are capable of.


A New Moon in Libra means that a lot of your energy will be expended on yourself and your immediate environment. You might feel the tensions in your relationships arise as you start to also feel a little forlorn. Try not to get your spirits crushed and focus on the things that bring you happiness. This can be a transit where you can find the comfort, beauty, and peace in relaxing without the pressures from the world.


A New Moon in Libra for you means that this can be an illuminating period where you will learn a lot about the people around you. This transit will have you focused on efficiency because you could feel some of those challenges reflecting themselves in school or work. As I have mentioned in the last couple of months, this will be a time for patience. You might become frustrated with changes happening and with the plans you have made (if they are not going your way). Take things easy now until November.


With this New Moon in the works, you might look forward to the opportunities it might bring, but you might also already be aware that getting what you want will not be so easy. Saturn and Mars are applying pressure to this New Moon, but this will not stop you. Get ready to put the focus and self-care on you while also finding methods of improving your financial stability. There are lots of changes on the horizon, so be ready and patient.


The New Moon in your sign is a very important transit for you this month. It will have a nostalgic feel with it opposing Mars and squaring Saturn. It is a transformative period for you, where you regain your independence and find the fighting spirit to continue to battle through these Cardinal transits. You have come out stronger than ever during this Saturn transit, now get to appreciate how much you have grown and matured during the last several years.


If you have been burnt out and overworked, this transit can create wonderful things for you. Mars might be burning you (and everyone else) out, so it is crucial you discover and strike a balance between work and your personal life. There are a lot of things that you still must complete, so take it slow, because Scorpio season is closing in and you want to be refreshed and ready on your birthday.


Prepare to see changes to those social circles around you. It can be an interesting time where you will learn and see who is there for you and who might be against you. This transit will impact your romantic life as well, so make sure to view potential interests without rose-colored glasses. Although it is a period of the new stages, this will have you focused on the closing in order to make way for the new and improved.


This is another interesting transit for you that will inspire you to achieve and succeed even with the major planets causing friction and stressors to the Moon. You will evaluate your next steps. This is a favorable time to impress your superiors and will focus on keeping your goals alive. Capricorns, right now you need this momentum and shift in energy because we are closing in on the final months of this Saturn transit in your sign.


You are going through many changes, especially after feeling the effects of Aquarius in your sign earlier this year. This New Moon will make a favorable aspect to your sign, showing that there is maturity in you and a potential change to your thoughts and ideologies. You are on a quest to discover and learn more about yourself and the evolving world around you. It will not be easy with the pressures from other signs, but you’ve got this.


This can be a powerful transit for you as you continue to find yourself in the maze of these Cardinal planetary influences. For now, this New Moon puts things of importance in the spotlight. How you manage to overcome what is holding you back will be crucial to your continued growth, especially when things shift to Scorpio season in a few weeks. Stay confident and shine.

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