Here’s What The New Moon In Cancer Means For Your Zodiac Sign

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer will be on June 21, 2020, and it wants you to make some new changes before Saturn returns to the sign of Capricorn on July 1, 2020. Cancer season will be filled with a need to work through things we have neglected. Mercury is already in the sign, making us become more emotionally intelligent, and with the Sun and Moon also there, it is time for us to truly analyze how much healing and work we need to do in order to progress. 2020 has already proved to be different, and with the change happening, we too need to adapt. For now, we should all practice some self-care in light of everything that is going on in the world. Cancer season is here for healing, changes, and most importantly, empowerment through emotional restoration.


This New Moon in Cancer will bring out the best sides of you. Abandoning those selfish notions will have you focusing on matters that encourage your growth. It will be a relaxing period where your focus shifts to those things that are connected to home. This is a good break before Saturn returns to Capricorn later in the month. For now, keep your energies high and try to promote some inner peace within yourself, because it will be reflected in the home front.


Get ready to experience a burst of inspiration that will help you plan for the next months to come. It is a beneficial energy for those creatives, since it is a change in the way that you will express your artistry. This is also an easier time for you to express your emotions and to put it all out there without fear or doubt. Emotional intelligence is key, and with Mercury also in the same sign, you will be more willing to work on yourself and betterment.


With this transit, you will be focusing more on bringing security to your world, since the Sun has finally moved out of your sign. Now will be the beginning of a cycle where you get motivated to bring more fruitful things into your life. It can be a “treat yourself” moment as long as you do not get carried away. Try to make practical decisions when making big purchases. This will be a good time to make evaluations that will help create growth for the long run.


A New Moon in your sign is the beginning of a new cycle. This is a great moment for self-care and love to take front and center in your life. With Saturn ready to go back in Capricorn, you will still have to deal with the struggles of identity and partnerships. Get ready to learn more about yourself and understand your needs and wants, because once this Saturn transit is over, you will need to make some changes. The New Moon will be a source of guidance for the new journey to growth for the next six months.


This can be an overall pleasant transit for you, allowing you to focus on healing and privacy. The Moon likes to be in the sign of Cancer, so this will be emotional but comforting. It will be a time where you recharge your batteries. With Mercury there too, you will be prompted to rework some things from the past that you have avoided. Overall, you will take things easily and will have the clarity needed to keep going forward especially with Saturn making it’s return to Capricorn later this month.


With this transit, you can expect to be surrounded by important people who care about you. There will be appreciation for those people who have stuck by you in your roughest moments. Opening up and sharing with others will come easier for you during this period. Those friends and mentors will serve as a source of inspiration, allowing you to keep moving forward with strength.


Working hard will be the theme for you during this transit. You are not afraid of challenges, but this will be different from those pesky Saturn transits in Capricorn. With the New Moon in Cancer, you will take center stage with ease and with grace. You will be wearing your heart on your sleeve as you continue to fight through the obstacles that are still around. Nevertheless, you can come through victorious if you continue with patience. Your strength will always be there to push you.


2020 is making us all reevaluate what our plans and goals were. This New Moon transit will have you considering new ways to reach the top and you might even be inspired to be more connected with your spiritual side. Those around you might find your wisdom comforting, so be prepared to have moments where you provide guidance to friends and family who seek your advice. It is best to be centered and know your potential for this transit. Your willingness to learn more and help others can prove beneficial.


The New Moon in Cancer will have you rebuilding from the depths of your psyche as you become more in tune with your emotions and the connections you have with the women in your life. Use this transit as a form of spiritual healing. It will not be easy, so this will definitely be a transformative transit for you as you shed some older parts of yourself to make way for a more powerful version of you.


With this New Moon in your sister sign, Cancer, this will bring up some ghosts from the past. You will surprise yourself in your need to reconnect to those who you no longer speak to but once had a passionate relationship with. Of course, if you have moved on, this energy will be more grounded allowing for you to focus on how to become better at relating to others and leaving those selfish qualities to rest. We are all growing and learning, and with Saturn headed back to your sign soon, this will make it a more eye opening experience.


Saturn will be leaving your sign soon, so you might feel a little off from some responsibilities and pressures. However, this New Moon transit will have you continuing some of the lessons Saturn has brought upon you. There will be a different method of restructuring for you, having the focus being on your self-care and goals for the next several months. You will be driven to work hard and play harder, especially when Mars enters the sign of Aries later this month.


A new era for you this year with the Sun finally in fellow water sign Cancer. You enjoy this energy and can revel in it. This New Moon will spark some joy back into your world with a little clarity. The Venus Retrograde transit might make you feel nostalgic, but with this New Moon transit, you will feel more enthusiastic about what the next several months have to offer.

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