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Someone may tell you they want a relationship when in truth they aren’t really ready for one and can either go on to sabotage it or slowly pull away or any number of things. Or, they may present one way and actually be another.

See not all love stories end, but not all last too. Some are more fortunate than others, and some just will never survive the everlasting storms. But we are all human, craving the touch of another. And we all like to believe in a love that can save us. However, sometimes, people cannot be saved by another, they must save themselves.

My anxiety has forced me to be self-aware and develop an incredible knack for being endlessly introspective. I could probably tell you why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling and then extrapolate that feeling out to more feelings. And that in itself is a talent. I’ve even been able to simplify it as skills on my resume: analytical and self-aware.

My heart is mine. It’s not yours. It does not belong in your hands and it is not your property. So don’t act like you can toss it around like a bowling ball. Don’t act like it’s yours for taking, like it’s something that you can own. Like I’m something you can own.