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Steph is a former editor at Thought Catalog. Her work has appeared on Glamour, Medium, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, ...

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You weren’t made for the screen you know, and neither was the broken skin where you cut yourself shaving and the almost-invisible hairs that paint the corners of your upper lip and that one crooked eyelash that bends at a 45-degree angle.

Girls like me weren’t pop stars, and putting my eagerness on display would just lead to embarrassment. It’s shameful, to want something so bad.

It used to be that I could call you on a Sunday afternoon to say, “Meet us at Shoolbred’s!” And you’d be there in ten, guacamole order placed, debating whether to sit in front of the fireplace or at the round mosaic table with the street view.

You have to do this, though, show her a picture — because you might be the one person who can change her mind about what blackness looks like.

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