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I heard your footsteps upon the surface on my heart, and my eyes opened in surprise, It’s been a while since I thought about your eyes

Weigh the pain I go through every time you judge me based on my body. The amount of tears shed, the times I told myself I am not good enough, weigh them all.

Having a positive outlook will affect people in the best way and that’s great especially when you are really looking for somebody who will fill that hole in your heart. Think positive and positive results will surely follow.

The most shameful part of this relationship, for me, is how I begun to crave him and the tumult he brought into my life. I was broken down to the point that I took blame for everything.

When we see something that we could feed to our starving egos, we sprint right to it and attack. But we are so engrossed with feeding and boosting our own egos that that we forget what we feed on – other women’s’ self esteem.

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